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    Thursday, November 02, 2006
    I'm feeling a bit sad at the moment.
    All my friends seem to be deserting me :( I feel like i don't really have anyone close at the moment and it makes me feel really unhappy. I try to call people and they don't reply, i text people and get no reply. I'm beginning to wonder if i've done something wrong :( Someone who i used to work with who has been a good freind has also not been in touch after saying they would 3 wks ago. Ho hum, sorry, feeling sorry for myself today.
    On other matters we had a nice halloween. We got Corey dressed up although we didn't take him anywhere. We were the only house on the street that made any effort with decorations. We had flashing lights n the window and lanterns and pumpkins and also pumpkin lights in the garden. We had about a dozen sets of trick or treaters round who all looked fabulous, i like to see them make an effort. We had copious amounts of chocolate for them to take away but we still have a huge amount left so i guess that will be left to me to eat it all, what a shame lol!
    Yesterday i went to the doctors after dropping Corey off at nursery as my sinuses were still hurting. The doctor suspects it's now a bacterial infection and so i'm now on antibiotics so lets hope they start to work soon, i need to get a full nights sleep!
    Have added a pic of our pumpkin(not spectacular i know!) and also one i took of Corey in his outfit which didn't quite work out as planned although it looks pretty ghostly don't you think??

    posted by Cath @ 5:12 PM  
    • At 6:48 PM, Blogger a very tired mommy said…

      ((hugs)) sorry that you feel that way, girlie.... i sometimes feel the same. it's very hard to keep in touch sometimes, though i think of everyone very frequently. i sometimes feel incredibly out of the loop.

      hang in there, and feel free to send me a message on YIM. i am always invisible at work... ;)

    • At 9:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Awwww {{{Cath}}} sorry to hear your still feeling under the weather hun ...... Hope the tablets start to work soon. Its easy to get caught up in every day things and lose track of the time between touching base with friends ..... I'm the worlds worst for it. Give them a txt - you'll feel better ....xxxx

    • At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      You can call, text, IM me anytime you want! I got your back!

      Ill be over in just a sec to steal some chocolate from you! Sounds like you had a great evening!

    • At 11:37 PM, Blogger Tonya said…

      *Hugs* Cath! I wish we lived closer.. we could hang out and I would be there for ya girl :) The picture of the pumpkin is cool and love the pic of Corey.. it does look ghostly.. not one trick or treater here :( It felt horrible not to celebrate halloween with Randie.. but maybe next year I will dress her up anyway.. lol

    • At 5:12 AM, Blogger Brandie said…

      Sorry you are going through a lonely time right now :-(
      Hopefully you will have people calling back soon. Hey, if I lived closer, I guarentee I'd be bugging you so much, you'd be posting about people who dont' leave you alone LOL!! ;-)

    • At 9:54 AM, Anonymous Paula said…

      Awww Cath, I know what it feels like when you think people have forgotten about you, but I guess life just gets in the way sometimes, I'm sure it's nothing you've done. You know you're always welcome to pm me for a chat!

      How cool is that photo of Corey by the way, very spooky looking!

    • At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      If I am ever online pm me and we can chat on msn. I felt completely isolated when we first moved here but having my internet back saved me!

      Love the ghostly piccie of Corey.

    • At 5:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      **hugs** we all go through those phases of feeling left out and alone and often its just a lull but you have friends and we all love you lots - we just cant get to you to hug you lots. hang in there - it will get better.

    • At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Maria said…

      Sorry to hear you're feeling down. Hope you're feeling better soon xxx

    • At 8:15 AM, Blogger Mel said…

      Hi Cath,

      Sorry you are feeling down, I find that it is often really hard to keep in touch with everyone all the time. I have moments where I think I have lost all my old friends and then we pick back up again . Try getting back in touch with them - sometimes if people haven't got back to you quickly they then feel kind of embarressed and so don't ring and leave it, then they feel worse and it just goes on....

      We had no trick or treaters either but I also dressed Belle up as a pumpkin (you've got to for the photo opps haven't ya?!?!? Corey looks very ghostly. It may not have been how you intended it but what a cool ghost layout that would make!

      Take Care,

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