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    The Neglectful Blogger
    Saturday, May 06, 2006
    Well, it's been a busy week. I don't really seem to have had much time to do anything, especially scrapping, which i'm really upset about. There's a design team i want to enter because it's a great place but i haven't had a chance yet. Hopefully i will in the next couple of weeks cause i have until the end of the month.
    Tuesday, Corey and I went to meet some of the lovely prem mums from Bliss at the local shopping centre for Coffee and a chat. It was nice to sit and chat and discuss our babies! It's the first time i've had chance to talk face to face with people about the whole premature thing i was really on a high when i left.
    Wednesday was nursery day and while Corey was off enjoying himself i carried on with painting my craft room. It was quite a dark purple colour and i'm now giving it a vibrant lilac colour to brighten it up a bit. With it being the place i do my crafting it needs to be brighter and at the moment it feels very claustrophobic and dark, so hopefully this will give it some life back. Corey again had done well with his lunch at dinnertime and they regularly write that he's had seconds at dinnertime on his sheet. To be honest i've been really pleased with his feeding over the last few weeks(touch wood, fingers crossed and all that!). The amount he is eating has increased, he is much more enthusiastic about food and we don't have to have the television on for him to eat. He's also been faster as well, chewing much better and even eating food between meals which he hasn't done for a long time. Hopefully this will continue and he'll gain more confidence and start to feed himself more.
    Thursday saw a visit from the speech therapist. Since we spoke on the phone about the possible Dyspraxia diagnosis i have been really nervous about seeing her. She really helped at this appointment. Things have been static for so long and it was difficult hearing her say to just keep doing the same things. At this appointment we really seemt to move forward. Firstly she did some exercises with Corey to see how his understanding was. She had some prop and asked Corey to put the baby on the bed, put the spoon in the cup etc.. which he did easily. 3 step commands were a little bit harder but i think we'd have persevered if she had continued. She was happy he had an understanding if things. She is almost certain he has verbal and Oral Dyspraxia but is not so sure about the global dyspraxia as it isn't really her field. As he is due to be seen at the Ryegate Centre in August about his development she is going to find his notes and have a word with them to see if they want him to have an assessment or if they want to just wait and see him in August. She has mentioned that she may be referring him for Occupational therapy as well as Physical Therapy. She was a little concerned with his feet and the position of his toes. They seem to splay outwards a little and he curls them under his feet. This could be one of the reasons he often seems unsteady and finds it difficult to get up steps and stairs. So we await more appointments now i guess! As if we don't have enough on. From mid May there will only be 1 day a wk that are we aren't doing something. Mondays Corey will be attending speech clinic, Wednesdays it's nursery, Thursday we will be attending a food group and Fridays visiting relatives. Thankfully the speech and food groups are just for 6 wks as there is travelling involved and i don't drive.
    Yesterday we didn't do much. We spent some time in the garden as the weather has been really lovely the past couple of days. It's turned today however and we're going to have heavy rain :(
    I had to wait in for a collection and a delivery and then we just chilled out, not doing very much at all really even though i have a a HUGE pile of ironing to be done.
    Today i'm off into town to look for a plasma TV. I've wanted one for a while and with the World Cup coming up it's an excuse to get one!
    Here's a few pictures i took the other day in the garden.

    posted by Cath @ 7:50 AM  
    • At 2:03 PM, Blogger Jen said…

      Just look at him! Oh Cath, he's doing so well. Hope he just goes from strength to strength.

    • At 3:40 PM, Blogger a very tired mommy said…

      omg, those pics are sooooo awesome! and i'm glad that she doesn't think that he has the global dyspraxia...here's hoping you hear the same things in August!


    • At 9:12 PM, Blogger Tonya said…

      He gets cuter all the time.. love the pics :) Sounds like you have been and continue to be very busy!!

    • At 3:47 AM, Blogger Sandy said…

      I always enjoy seeing pictures of your adorable little man.

      Best of luck to Corey with the speech clinic. We've got friends with children that have gone through 'early intervention' programs here (for verbal and/or physical delays). It's done wonders for them. I'll be checking for more updates (and photos!!)

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