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    Poorly Boy!
    Saturday, February 25, 2006
    Well i have a very poorly boy on my hands today.
    Corey had us up quite a few times in the night and vomited twice. He had a temp of 38.2 so we gave him Calpol and he eventually went to sleep but had us up at11pm, 1am and 4am before getting up at 630am. He wasn't too bad uptil dinner time but then he felt very sorry for himself and threw up the dinner Dave had just given him. His temp is also up again. He is coughing and has a very runny nose. So it's either a really bad cold or the flu :( I have given him some more Calpol and he is asleep at the moment.
    It's funny because this is the first time since he came out of hospital that he has been really ill. That was bearly 2 yrs ago and apart from a couple of minor colds he has NEVER been sick. Unbelievable considering he was on antibiotics for the first 3 months of his life constantly!
    It's just so heartbreaking to see him being so ill!
    Get better soon my little angel!!
    posted by Cath @ 1:44 PM  
    • At 2:21 PM, Blogger Jennifer said…

      I think Corey read your post yesterday and saw you were bored. I hope he gets to feeling better very soon. As I live accross the pond, I am not sure how to read his temp. and I don't know what Calpol is. I can only guess that it is a high telp and that Calpol is like Tylenol or Theraflu. Lowly little American. :)

    • At 10:50 PM, Blogger domestic goddess said…

      aww poor corey, sending healing hugs

    • At 3:18 AM, Blogger Jennifer said…

      BTW, I forgot to say that I hope he feels better soon. I also hope that you get some sleep soon.

    • At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Jenleon said…

      Poor little Corey, sorry to hear he has been so sick, kids do have a habit of recovering very quickly though, so I hope he does too.

    • At 10:31 AM, Blogger Auntie said…

      My niece was born early. She was born June 2nd and her due date was Sept 23rd. (Born 1 lb 2 ounces) She will be 5 on her next birthday! From day 1, I knew she was going to be okay, never a doubt in my head. Even with given a 5% chance of living, I was strong in my confidence. Others looked at me like I was out of my head but I held strong to my belief. It was just a feeling but I just knew.

      She is going to be 5 her next birthday and is perfect. Still very tiny but oh so mighty! She has a great will and full of love and life. She has changed my entire family's life and my life couldn't be more fuller. I give thanks for her will power to live every day.

      When she is sick, I get so upset. I just don't like to see her ill. Why must she be ill? She has gone through so much already...so I am praying Corey gets well soon. I know how hard it is on us who love our special children so much.

    • At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Shell said…

      I hope he is feeling better hun!!

    • At 2:17 PM, Blogger Kari said…

      Sure hope Corey is feeling better! Olivia's fever finally broke but this week has been tough! Hang in there Cath!

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