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    Wednesday, September 07, 2005
    WHy are doctors cruel sometimes??!! I'm sure they don't mean to be but the way they phrase things just gets to me sometimes and a letter i got from Corey's consultant this morning just got me upset and even stressed more than i am already. Maybe it's just me over reacting, i've highlighted the bit that upset me.

    'I had a quick look at Corey today to see how he is getting on since we took the naso-gastric tube out a month ago. The feeding his mother described seemed fairly reasonable - he is taking breakfast, 2 snacks, and 2 meals with savoury plus puddings everyday. The savoury quantities are not huge - about 15 teaspoons for each meal. Unfortunetely, his weight has fallen off slightly to 10.07kg. He certainly looked quite scrawny in clinic today, although he was pretty well in himself. I have suggested that Mum tries to give him milk rather than juice with his mid-morning and/or mid afternoon snacks if tolerated. I haven't taken any other action, but i have asked if our dietetic colleagues can review him fairly soon at the Northern to see if any further supplementation is felt to be indicated. I suspect he will sort this out for himself in due course and i have asked him to come back in a month for a further check up.'

    Had a quick look being the operative word, sometimes i feel like i'm being shoved out of the office! Looking scrawny, this is what has really upset me, how dare he! He has always been 'lean' so i don't think that's going to change is it especially now he's taking less food! Haven't taken any further action, this is exactly the lack of support we have had for the last 17 months!

    The review from the dietician by the way was by way of me calling her 3 times, eventually getting hold of her and her telling me there were no appointments earlier and we should go to the appt on the 10th Oct as planned. Keep doing what i'm doing and if things are not improved at the next appt he will be given calorie supplements.

    Ok Vent over, but i ain't happy!
    posted by Cath @ 8:47 PM  
    • At 9:23 PM, Blogger Tiffiny said…

      You have every right to be angry. I would be too! Keep in mind, the more they move around, the less they eat and the weight comes off. It doesn't mean they are not healthy. I know it's different but, once Seren stopped solely BFing, she slimmed down dramatically. It was right around the time she became more active too. Also remember, not all Dr's know how to talk to people either. You know your little one best!!!

    • At 4:16 AM, Blogger a very tired mommy said…

      ((hugs)) i'm so sorry that this is the treatment you've been given. i hope that things improve with the little man so that you can move onto other worries....once you are able to stop worrying (after hearing from multitudes of people that he's doing ok weight-wise/eating-wise) about this, you'll move onto something else... ;) you're doing so much better than you're giving yourself credit for. hang in there, sweetie!

    • At 9:31 PM, Blogger Jen said…

      Aw hun, so sorry you have been upset by his letter. As a medical secretary, it certainly sounds quite positive to me funnily enough! He is saying that he thinks Corey's feeding will sort itself out, and 'scrawny' is not meant to be pejorative, I am sure. It's the kind of letter I would completely relate to reading every day in my work. Hope his feeding problems are very soon a thing of the past. Big HUGS!!! Jen

    • At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Shell said…

      just sending some {{HUGS}} hun!

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