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    Friday, November 04, 2005
    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Friday. I love Fridays! I think it's my fave day of the week. It's the day DH's son stops so i get the whole evening to play in my craft room without interruption. Then i usually get a lie in bed Saturday morning and can either go out with the family or stay at home and just chill out and do what i want. Tomorrow i think i might go and get Corey's birthday presents. Can you believe that my ickle baby boy is going to be 2yrs old in 10 days time :o This is the little boy who weighed just over 2lbs and nearly died several times. This is the little boy who spent 154 days in hospital and came home having to be tube fed and requiring oxygen. Today he is a very lively little man who apart from being developmentally delayed a little and still having feeding problems is just your regular run of the mill kid, well apart from being very special that is! Sometimes i get depressed about his delays and his lack of feeding but there are so many scenarios we were faced with that i should really count myself very lucky. He endured 6 months of high dosed steroids and we were told there could be a high possibility he would have Cerebral palsy. He had a Grade 4 brain haemorrhage at birth(they are graded 1-4 in severity) and we were told of the possibility of retardation. He had a major cyst in his lung and we were very close to having to have part of his lung removed. But all of these we avoided and i am so very thankful for that. I guess what i'm trying to say is that i am very lucky to have a relatively healthy 2 yr old and i love him with all my heart!

    Today has been a really weird day. My friend came round this morning for coffee and a chat so i was late putting Corey down for his lunchtime nap. he normally has an hrs sleep and then gets up and has his lunch. cause it was so late today i gave him his lunch first and then put him down for a nap. I've done this before so there isn't a problem in this. Anyway he woke up an hour later and i went to fetch him to find him lying in a pile of vomit. It was everywhere. All over his face, in his hair and his clothes were covered. He was just getting up from lying on his tummy by the looks of things so i don't know if it had just happened or if he had done it in his sleep?? Anyway, once i'd cleaned him up he was ok.
    Then this afternoon, being the bad mummy i am, Corey managed to get the Fabric softener off the side and get the lid off. I walked into the living room to find the contents all over the carpetb and Corey sat with the lid in his mouth. Luckily he only had it on his upper lip and not in his mouth. If i had had a child who ate and drank normally then i would have been worried he'd drank some but he won't even drink from a normal sippy cup by himself. Anyway, he thought this was all very funny and laughed and smiled whilst i cleaned up Lavender Lenor from the carpet, hence to say it smells rather nice now!
    And then onto this evening. Bedtime 7pm, still awake at 8pm due to all the fireworks :( Had to go downstairs and sit on Daddy's lap while he fell asleep but he is now sound asleep thankfully!
    posted by Cath @ 9:00 PM  
    • At 11:23 PM, Blogger Jen said…

      Well done Cath is all I can say. You and Corey (and your DH) have lived through all that and come out fighting! He is a gorgeous little boy and I bet you by, say, age 5 you won't be able to tell the difference! Big hugs to all of you!

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