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    Wednesday, December 20, 2006
    Monday Corey had his first Physio appointment. He had Physio up until he was about a yr old but they felt he didn't need it after that. Anyway he is very clumsy and when he had his assessment recently they felt his ankles were a little weak so we were referred to PT once again. So we went to see Mary at the Ryegate centre who assessed him and came to two conclusions. Firstly he is hypermobile which basically means that his legs are more flexible than they should be. Secondly his feet are very flat. They are called Valgus which means his feet are so flat that when he put his foot to the floor his foot collapses inwards and so balancing is very difficult, this would account why Corey can fall over when he is motionless. Stairs and suchlike are very difficult for him. The first thing to be done is to have some inserts for his shoes. We go back on the 2nd January to have these fitted. The he'll be reviewed a month later and will have some Physiotherapy sessions if it's felt he needs them. To be honest I've known for a while something was wrong and so this has put my mind at ease and at least something is now being done about it.

    Nothing much else happening really, just trying to get ready for Christmas. Just have the fruit and veg to get now but can't really get that til the end of the week. I hate shopping for this, everything is sold out and the crowds are awful! Anyway, another week and it will all be over!
    yesterday Dave's new bike came. Now my intention was to store it in the outhouse as Dave doesn't go in there. But when it arrived i realised this wasn't going to happen as the box was about 6ft by 4ft and wouldn't fit in. So i had to think on my feet. I tidied my craft room, dragged the box upstairs(not easy as it weighs about 15kg!) and it is now safely in my room with instructions to Dave not to go in there!

    Today i've been into town to get a few bits of food and a couple of presents. I also got 6 bottles of Bucks Fizz for the girls at nursery as i didn't know what to get them. They seemed to go down ok anyway :)
    Hope you're all ready for Christmas?!?!?
    posted by Cath @ 4:07 PM  
    • At 4:53 PM, Blogger Kathryn said…

      hey Cath, i have valgus ankles too.. but only diagnosed when i was about 10, so if they've done it now, that's great news..and Corey will be able to grow along with the physio etc.
      the inserts for the shoes shouldn't be too bad, and especially for a little one, it'll be fine. try wearing them at 11.. it's difficult to explain!
      I was always told the ice skating i did really helped strengthen my ankles too.. so there might be some kind of exercise that corey could do, that would be fun and helpful.

    • At 10:45 AM, Blogger Tonya said…

      Hey Cath,

      Its great that you found out why Corey was having the clumsy problem.. I just thought all kids were pretty clumsy anyway but like you said at least something can be done about it now :)

      We are pretty much ready for Christmas but still have all the wrapping to do which we will start tonight.

      Hopefully your shopping goes smoothly and they are not sold out of everything you want.. I know the feeling!

    • At 8:31 PM, Anonymous Maria said…

      Good news that Corey has been diagnosed and will get the attention he needs. My MIL has the inserts and also has shoes made for her at the hospital.

      I'm a real clumsy oaf but no excuse.

      Wishing you all a magical Christmas and a fabulous new year xxx

    • At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Jennie said…

      LOL Cath, I can just se you lugging that bike up the stairs, ouch!!

      My neice has worn inserts in her shoes for her very flat feet since she was weeny, and abandonned them at 16, and now at 18, she's had no further trouble. I think Corey will find them very comfortable, and it will really help his balance. If he's really flexible, would he make a good gymnast? You ought to see if he likes Tumble Tots, it would help with his balance and coordination anyway. All my three loved it.

      Feel the same about the veggie shopping. I'm doing mine tomorrow!

    • At 5:49 AM, Blogger jennifer said…

      I hope things get better now that they know whats wrong with your son.

    • At 9:44 AM, Blogger scrapdolly said…

      I hope the physio does himt he power of good. Bless him - he does have to deal with such stuff doesn't he, poor little mite

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