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    Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    Well its been an interesting couple of days, yesterday especially.
    Sunday was spent solely concentrating on getting the wedding invites and I’m pleased to say that except for sticking a few hearts on the reply cards they are all finished! You cannot begin to imagine the relief I feel at having them done now, I can almost at last get back to scrapping!
    Yesterday I decided we would do something different. I decided to take Corey for his first trip to the cinema. Now Corey has a bit of a noise aversion so I was worried about that.
    First we went into the shopping centre and I bought him a new car and then we went and got a Mcdonalds for lunch, yum! Then a quick browse around the shops buying some goodies on the way and then we headed to the cinema, bought our tickets, and headed for screen 4. We were seeing Charlotte’s Web and there was only us and about other people in there. Anyway he started to bawl as soon as we got in. New environment coupled with the darkness freaked him out a little I guess. This I hadn’t bargained for. I thought he’d be fine until the film started but things happened in reverse. I managed to settle him down and he was fine. The trailers and film came on and he never murmured once about the noise. About 40 mins into the film was when he started to squirm and get fidgety. He started talking and generally being silly and wanted to walk about. In hind sight he’s probably a bit too young but never mind. We did manage to stay til the end mind so I was very pleased with him on that count. As an added treat we then got on the train into town to meet Daddy. A trip on a train is always a big treat for him as he’s train mad! So yesterday really was a Mummy & Son day!
    At the moment I’m having major internet problems and can only get on for a few minutes at a time. Have called various people and no one seems to want to take responsibility. Orange said it was a line fault this morning and that it would be fixed in 2 hrs, yea right!
    Last night it did hold out long enough for me to be able to order a Dolly bead from A string of Beads! Lime Sparkle, it’s just lush! And this morning my Aquarium Pastel turned up so I’m a happy camper this morning!

    posted by Cath @ 1:56 PM  
    • At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Maria said…

      Sounds like a lovely day. Well, other than the teary bit but I feel like that myself sometimes.

      We're off to see Charlotte's Web tomorrow.

      Good news about the wedding invitations xxx

    • At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Paula Sealey said…

      I think all young children get fidgety when they have to sit around for a long time, so Corey sounds like he did really well! What was the film like?

    • At 8:31 AM, Blogger Heather the Blether said…

      Way to go Corey.. he is coming on leaps and bounds he really is... I too have a child with noise aversion and can be a pain at times but you did as I would have and perservered(sp) well done.. mine is now 11 and the benefits outweigh the negatives so much... he really is a little star and so is his Mummy... Train days are fab.. I love them too and I am well.. erm... OLD!.. lol
      Take care

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