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    Friday, June 22, 2007
    It's been a really stressful 10 days for me. I haven't felt like blogging and still don't if i'm honest but the longer i leave it it will just get worse.
    So i ordered a fridge freezer from tesco, one of those big American ones. Delivery due on a Wednesday. They arrived about 10am with it. Got it to the door and they dropped it, face down on the concrete. Well it was a complete right off. I then spent all day ringing various people including tesco, the delivery company and Samsung. Was basically told by Tesco i would have to reorder and then wait for it again which i was very miffed about but not as miffed as when they told me it was discontinued so i couldn't have it anyway. After much ranting i had to face the fact i wasn't getting one. We complained to a manager because we didn't even have a fridge now as we had binned the other one and after much haggling they gave us £50 to buy a mini fridge. So i left it for a bit but you can imagine my surprise when the next day i received a call from the delivery firm to say they had another fridge and could deliver the following Wednesday(as in this week) . I was ecstatic but wasn't building my hopes up. The weekend passed and i forgot about it. Tuesday i thought i would give them a ring to double check. So glad i did cause they informed me the order had been cancelled by Tesco. I was totally dumbstruck. I did the usual ringing around and everyone said there was nothing we could do. I was fuming! Tried to get hold of the manager who we had dealt with before but she wasn't in yet so they said she would ring back. To this day she still hasn't and i have even emailed her twice! So i came to the conclusion wasn't going to get one with Tesco and ordered one from ASDA. You can imagine my delight when they could deliver Thursday(yesterday!) So yesterday, just after 7am the van turned up. WOW! Or maybe not WOW! I had double checked that this would fit. It was even smaller than the previous one ordered! they didn't even attempt to get it in. he said he could take the fridge doors off but he wouldn't get it in. I was devastated! I told him to leave the fridge as there was no way i was sending it back but then i spent all day trying to sort out how to get it in. I spoke to ASDA and the delivery firm who were both really unhelpful. In the end my sisters boyfriend came round last night, took the fridge doors off and in it came. The relief was immense! I was in tears all morning cause i was just so fed up. Now i am going to be writing massive complaint letters to both tesco and ASDA!!! Phew... glad to get that off my chest lol!
    In other news, Dave has done his charity bike ride and i am so proud of him! he set off for London Tuesday evening and started cycling back home early on Wednesday. He planned on getting back Saturday late but they finished a day and a half early and i am so proud of them! Please excuse the pictures, Dave is no good with a camera lol!. So anyway, he is home and completely exhausted but really happy. I think by the time we have counted up all the money we will have nearly £2000, fingers crossed. if you do want to donate then you can do so via this site.
    In other news Corey is fine although he does have conjunctivitis at the moment. This is the 2nd time he's had it, obviously picking it up at nursery. We had a big and mini breakthrough with his speech this week(he has a speech delay because of his prematurity). You may remember he was maybe going to be enrolled on the ICAN programme? Well they came to see him and they say he doesn't need it so i cam very pleased about that. The other thing is that he has started to refer to himself as me and say 'mine'. He has been saying I and I'm for a while but he used to refer to himself as Corey. This morning his passport arrived(how cool is that!) and i asked him 'Who's Passport is it?'. he would normally have said 'It's Coreys' but today he said 'It's mine' which is fabulous!!
    Thankyou if you've got this far, i know it's a bit epic!!!!

    Also, don't forget to visit It's a Creative World this weekend for your chance to win some fab goodies. All you have to do is leave a comment :)
    posted by Cath @ 10:20 PM  
    • At 1:13 AM, Blogger Kari said…

      I totally feel your pain about the fridge! Stores and delivery are such a headache! We just moved into an older house which has smaller hallways etc. Can I just say nightmare!

      Congrats to Dave on the bike ride! So excited that Corey's speech is coming along so well! Little steps but they are so encouraging!

    • At 5:04 PM, Blogger Susan said…

      Well done to Corey and Dave :)

    • At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Maria said…

      Big yay for Corey and Dave.

      Deliveries are a complete nightmare but so pleased you got it sorted.

      Happy Tuesday xxx

    • At 10:59 PM, Blogger Tonya said…

      Huge YAY for Corey and Dave.. that is awesome :) WOW @ all the bull you had to go through with the fridge... I would be so PO'ed as well.. I hate when you write complaint letters etc and never get a response... the nerve!

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