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    Tuesday, November 28, 2006
    As if it wasn't enough to spend hours on the PC looking at forums and blogs etc... i have now become addicted to the fabulous Yahoo game Literati! Someone help me please!!!
    posted by Cath @ 3:32 PM   3 comments
    Just lovely
    Monday, November 27, 2006
    Well that's how i would describe the Alton Towers hotel. In fact on walking into the hotel it was very luxurious. It has a 4* rating and you can see why. The lobby is very oldy worldy and the reception area is mad to look like old bookcases. Theres a huge winding staircase that fills the whole floor and from the bottom to the top is a huge ship with a globe on the top, very extravagent! So we got there around lunchtime and decided to swim first. Dave has had the unfortunate occurence in the past of Corey throwing up in the swimming baths so we
    thought it would be a good idea to have lunch after swimming lol. So we go to the waterpark and wow, what a fabulous place. Very big and just filled with fun, especially for the kiddys but Corey i'm afraid is no water baby and whinged the entire time. We didn't stay in for a long time because of that but as soon as we got out he kept asking when we were going swimming again. The sad part is that you aren't able to take pictures in the waterpark :( So we then headed to the Dragon bar for a bite of lunch. I'll say something for the hotel, the staff were amazing, so polite, friendly and attentive. It's not often you find that in this country! So we had a nice lunch, checked in and off we went to our room which was huge. It had a double bed and bunk beds and the most gigantic bear that was bigger than Corey. Then we went and had a wander round the hotel for a bit and then Dave took Corey swimming again while i chilled out with coffee in the bar. Before we knew it it was time for dinner and we had an all you can eat buffet which again was fabulous. We had a pretty chilled out evening and although i didn't sleep well(combination of a different environment and DH snoring!) Next morning we got up and had a wonderful buffet breakfast where i feasted on everything! Then it was time to leave. We're so glad we went. It was only a teeny break away but so worth the £20! We were going to go somewhere on the Saturday when we left the hotel but the weather was terrible with torrential rain so we had to head straight home. Saturday evening was pretty chilled. I wanted to get involved with a couple of cybercrops that were happening but i just didn't have the energy.
    Yesterday was horrific as i had the most amazing migraine. It didn't get really bad until lunchtime but i had to go to bed at 7pm and fell asleep almost straight
    away and didn't get up until 630am this morning. Still had it when i woke up but it soon disappeared and i felt great the rest of the day.
    Tomorrow i have the cardstock coming for my Christmas cards and as i have my photo all prepared i can at last make a start on then! I think me and the boy will head of to Junglemania tomorrow for some fun!
    Nite nite peeps!

    posted by Cath @ 11:00 PM   7 comments
    New toys!
    Thursday, November 23, 2006
    Yes my Cricut arrived on Monday and it is fab, fab, fabulous! I love it. So much in fact that i have had to order another 2 cartridges from the US. Unbelievably i bought 2 cartridges that cost me £60 which is the equivalent to the price of one here in the UK! So hopefully some time next week they'll turn up, along with some Christmas stamps i have bought for my Christmas cards. I really must make a start on that and also a calendar i'm supposed to be making for around 15 people *gulp*.
    I'm still suffering from my cold and think i have sinusitus again but thankfully i do feel somewhat better than i have done and also Corey is much much better thanks to the antibiotics. We were supposed to go out to meet a friend on Tuesday but she came to us instead and brought Corey a belated birthday present which he loves. A Bob the Builder jumper and also a car complete with horse box and horses. Yesterday was nursery and also a Hospital appt with Corey's respiratory consultant in the afternoon so as soon as i picked him up from nursery we had to head off into town which meant no nap so he was tired. Considering this he was really well behaved. I on the otherhand ended up very angry. Firstly we got there early at 3.10pm and our appt was at 3.30pm. We were eventually seen at 4.35pm. Unfortunetely i'm not the type to complain so kept my mouth shut but what really upset me was that we were seen by a doctor who we have never seen before and didn't know anything of Corey's medical history. Even though it's a respiratory appt the doctor normally asks about his development and gets him doing things to see how he is doing, we had none of this. The only thing he was really concerned with was his weight and basically said he was too skinny. Well yes he is thin, it's taken a very long time to get Corey to eat seen as he was tube fed for nearly 2 yrs so it's not as if he's going to start eating 3 course dinners anywhere in the near future. He is a very happy, very lively and energetic little boy. If he wasn't getting the calories he needed surely he would be tired and lethargic. Anyway he is referring us back to the dietician. I tried to call her this morning but in typical fashion she wasn't there so hopefully she will call tomorrow before we go out. So i was in a strop for a while yesterday about things but am ok now i've had time to cool down. We don't go back to the hospital for another 6 months so i feel a bit cheated really.
    Did i metion that tomorrow we are going to stay at the Alton Towers hotel? We just wanted a night away and though this hotel would be fab for Corey. We have bought tickets for the waterpark as well and corey is really looking forward to going swimming. The best part of it is that the rooms are £124 but after a bit of bargain hunting(i'm good at that) i found us a room for £20 on lastminute.com! Now how cool is that! Looking forward to just being able to chill out and eat some good food i hope!
    Finally here are a few pictures from Corey's birthday(at last!)

    posted by Cath @ 7:30 PM   6 comments
    Sunday, November 19, 2006
    Looked what Chez Cath has coming tomorrow! Can you tell i'm excited?!?!?!!!
    posted by Cath @ 11:47 AM   10 comments
    Saturday, November 18, 2006
    It's been quite a few tough days. Mr Corey is ill and hasn't been very much fun. To top it off he's given me the lurge so now i have a terrible cold and my head feels like it wants to implode. Anyway, i'm trying to getting with things as normal and went to the crop today although i had to leave early cause DH was going to the match. Nearly finished one of my DT projects so i only have one more to do and may get on with that tomorrow if i feel ok.
    So Corey's birthday was nice. He loved most of his presents except his little pretend laptop which he has yet to play with. To be honest he's not played with much other than the train set we bought him lol, yes he most certainly is a train fanatic. To top it off Simon and Laura bought him yet another wooden train set so the house is overrun! We had a little tea party in the afternoon with just 5 of us and ate cake and sandwiches etc... Corey didn't et much at all as by this time he was becoming really ill. Thursday when my family visited he was really feeling it and fell asleep while they were here which isn't like him at all. Anyway Friday i had a doctors appt so i asked if they would see Corey instead of me, which they did. After examining him she said she thought he had a chest infection and so prescribed antibiotics. Amazingly he has never had a chest infection, not since leaving hospital so we were a little disappointed that he needed antibiotics but obviously we were glad that he had the meds he needed and today after having them for just one day he seems so much better and as at last eaten a bit of something voluntarily! I will try to upload some pictures of his birthday tomorrow as they're on my other computer.
    posted by Cath @ 11:02 PM   2 comments
    Emotional Day
    Wednesday, November 15, 2006
    Today my little baby is 3 yrs old. Can someone tell me where the last 36 months have gone?
    3 yrs ago today i was in hospital being monitored as the flow through the umbilical cord to Corey wasn't working properly. At about 6pm that evening after doing a CTG they noticed his heart rate was vert static and they said they wanted to deliver. I went down to theatre and at 8.48pm he was born weighing 960grams. I could go on and on but these days i try to put all the sadness of these times behind me and think about all the fabulous things that the past 3 yrs have brought us. Corey has overcome so much and he is such an inspiration to us. There isn't a day goes by that i am not truly thankful for him. This morning i have spent some time reflecting, some time crying, some time laughing but most of all just feeling this huge amount of love for this little bundle of joy who constantly smiles and brings such happiness to our lives. So have a very special day my Angel, Mummy & Daddy cannot begin to tell you how much we love you!
    posted by Cath @ 2:00 PM   12 comments
    Just a couple......
    Tuesday, November 14, 2006
    ...of recentish layouts. I don't get much scrapping done these days which is making me sad :(
    The Family ties LO was a class from the LCC Cybercrop. Thanks for looking!

    posted by Cath @ 12:06 PM   11 comments
    Too busy to blog
    Monday, November 13, 2006
    I just haven't seemt to have had the time to blog since last week! And to be honest i really don'y have anything to show for it lol. Does anyone else seem to be so busy that they can't think.
    So last Thurday we went shopping with my Dad and Sister and Corey completely embarassed me. Basically to cut a long story short he pulled down my top and exposed me to the bus driver! Luckily he didn't see the lot but enough to put a smile on his face. He said i made his day and so let me on for free lol so it did have a plus side!!!
    Friday i took Corey on the train to see his Daddy. He just loves travelling on the train so i thought it would be cool to go and see Dave at work, it really made Daves day as well. All the woman at his work were ooohing and ahhhing over him and he loves the attention!
    Saturday was spent painting in the kitchen as i still have yet to finish it but at least the bulk of it is done now. DH went to the match in the afternoon so Corey and I had a ncie afternoon playing. I then developed the most amazing migrain which even with the help of tablets didn't budge until Sunday morning but at least i felt human again, well except for the period pains! Yesterday we went to the Mcarthur Glen outlet at Mansfield but i was really disappointed. I couldn't mind one thing to buy. Everything i found which i liked they didnt have in my size, it was very annoying, especially as they had a gorgeous outfit i would have liked at Per Una in M&S. Anyway DH and Corey went off train spotting which was great cause shopping with DH is usually not fun! So after there we went for a pub lunch which was as disappointing as ever. We never seem to have a really good meal so we have decided that we won't go to pubs for dinner any more but just places we know are good like Beefeater and Pizza Hut etc...
    So a busy few days but not that interesting! Am feeling a bit knackered as Corey had us up at 4am as he has a bad cold/cough and threw up. I dosed him up with Nurofen and he did go back t sleep til about 715am, i just hope he sleeps tonight cause he certainly hasn't had a nap this afternoon.
    posted by Cath @ 3:11 PM   2 comments
    My Obituary lol!
    Wednesday, November 08, 2006


    'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com
    posted by Cath @ 12:07 PM   3 comments
    Yesterday was a lovely day. Corey and I headed off to Junglemania as soon as they opened at 10am and he had a blast. There were very few people there which was great and so Corey ran around and generally burned off some energy. He actually made it(with the help of Mum!) right to the top of the climbing frame but he kept stopping at the top and it would take me ages to coax him to come down the big wavy slide. He had a blast though and i enjoyed myself just watching him have fin but also running around after him. When we left we headed off to Mcdonalds but he didn't eat very much. We're getting into a bit of a pattern at the moment, he does well at breakfast and Dinner

    but not at lunchtime. All in all though his feeding is fairly ok at the moment which we're hoping
    will mean he's put on some weight. We have a consultants appointment in a couple of weeks so we'll find out then. Also i can't believe that in just 7 days time my little bambino will be 3 yrs old, where did the last 3 yrs go??
    Apologies for the poor pictures, they were taken with my camera phone.
    posted by Cath @ 8:58 AM   4 comments
    Monday, November 06, 2006
    Firstly, can i just say a massive thankyou to all my lovely friends who commented on my last post. It's so lovely to know you're all out there!
    Well on Friday we had Corey's eye appt at the local hospital. When he was born and had to have long term oxygen he developed something called Retinopathy which although it did correct itself there's always a chance that the eyesight can be affected in later life. The last appt we had was a year ago as due to cancellations and forgetting to go(oops!)had meant we had to wait ages for the next one. The ast time we went they had said he was slightly short sighted and may require glasses in the future. Anyway we got there early and were seen straight away. We saw a lovely lady and she was very patient although Corey was such a good boy. She had him naming pictures u close and far away and then with glasses with one lens covered over. He did really well and they didn't need to put the drops in to check the back of his eye as he had done so well. So we are blessed yet again and we don't have to be seen for another year.
    Saturday i spent the day scrapping all though i didn't get very far, i'm very low on motivation and ideas at the moment. I'm about 75% done on a layout so i'm hoping that i'll get it finished today. Yesterday i went Christmas shopping and managed to get a few more presents plus my wrapping paper and tags. Hopefully this week i may try and make a start on my Christmas cards. The little outfit i ordered for Corey came last week and so i'm going to take my photos. If anyone knows how to make a black background for the pictures than please let me know.
    This weekend has been one of the loudest ever with the fireworks. Now call me old but i'm beginning to really hate them. Not only do they go on forever and ever but Corey won't sleep as he's very noise sensitive and so we've had to let him fall asleep on the sofa for the last 2 nights. Luckily once he'd drifted off he stayed asleep despite it sounding like bombs going off outside his bedroom window.
    I did manage to get a few pictures of them though :)

    posted by Cath @ 6:42 AM   4 comments
    Thursday, November 02, 2006
    I'm feeling a bit sad at the moment.
    All my friends seem to be deserting me :( I feel like i don't really have anyone close at the moment and it makes me feel really unhappy. I try to call people and they don't reply, i text people and get no reply. I'm beginning to wonder if i've done something wrong :( Someone who i used to work with who has been a good freind has also not been in touch after saying they would 3 wks ago. Ho hum, sorry, feeling sorry for myself today.
    On other matters we had a nice halloween. We got Corey dressed up although we didn't take him anywhere. We were the only house on the street that made any effort with decorations. We had flashing lights n the window and lanterns and pumpkins and also pumpkin lights in the garden. We had about a dozen sets of trick or treaters round who all looked fabulous, i like to see them make an effort. We had copious amounts of chocolate for them to take away but we still have a huge amount left so i guess that will be left to me to eat it all, what a shame lol!
    Yesterday i went to the doctors after dropping Corey off at nursery as my sinuses were still hurting. The doctor suspects it's now a bacterial infection and so i'm now on antibiotics so lets hope they start to work soon, i need to get a full nights sleep!
    Have added a pic of our pumpkin(not spectacular i know!) and also one i took of Corey in his outfit which didn't quite work out as planned although it looks pretty ghostly don't you think??

    posted by Cath @ 5:12 PM   10 comments
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