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    Wednesday, May 30, 2007
    I am currently doing an online photography course with Feel Good Workshops and am on week 3 so just thought i would share a few of my pictures with you :)
    Thanks for looking!

    posted by Cath @ 4:35 PM   3 comments
    Sunday, May 27, 2007

    Well i can't actually remember what's happened this week lol.
    I've decided that i need to change my lifestyle in quite a big way and so i'm hoping to write a bit of a life plan over the next week or so(that's the philosopher in me talking!).
    I've realised that i need to get down to more scrapping and so managed to finish a layout in the week and start another one today. The fabulous Pencillines have decided to advertise for a new DT member. As the saying goes 'you have to be in it to win it' goes i have decided to enter. I'm sure there will be a zillion talented scrapbookers going for this so my chances are slim but wish me luck anyway!
    yesterday we went off to Scarborough for the day and had a lovely time leaving the rain behind and enjoying a warm and sunny day! W went with some of Dave's colleagues from work and had a real laugh! Corey was a good boy and really seemed to enjoy himself. The toilet training has a bit of a set back on Fri/Sat as we had a couple of wet accidents at nursery and then he's also wet when he got up yesterday but hopefully we can get back on track again.
    Think thats about it for now.
    posted by Cath @ 10:49 PM   5 comments
    That was the week that was!
    Tuesday, May 22, 2007
    And it was all a bit of a blur to be honest!
    I'll start with yesterday and my test results. The doctor had already sort of given me an inkling of what may be wrong with me and he wasn't wrong. I have something called ET or Essential Thrombocythaemia. This means that my bone marrow is abnormal and making too many platelets. Because of that i'm at risk of blood clots and therefore things that go with it like strokes and stuff so i need to be monitored carefully. From now on i have to take aspirin everyday but don't need anything else for the time being. Chances are in the future i will need a form of tablet that kills off the excess platelets(basically a form of chemotherapy). At the moment i'm feeling ok about it. I feel a bit pissed off that it's happened to me if i'm honest. It's a disease typically present in over 50's normally so not sure why it's picked on me! Anyway, i'm not going to let it get me down so i now need to do some research and find out what i need to do with myself :)
    Friday was a pretty bad day too. Corey started with stomach pains and he was in so much pain it was just plain awful to watch. In th end i ended up calling an ambulance cause i didn't know what else to do. He screamed all the way there and while we were waiting to be seen before he fell asleep in my arms. He slept for about 1/2 hr and then woke up in pain again. Thankfully after a while they seemed to disappear altogether and we never found out what they were! I just hope he never gets them again.
    The weekend was a bit of a let down. Sunday we headed off to Derby cause Dave was playing in a football match for his company. What he didn't realise was that it was indoors. So we(me, Dave and Corey) were stuck inside a very hot soccerdome all day Sunday whilst the sun was shining outside. I did escape with Corey for an hour though and we went to Frankie and Benny's for dinner!
    Housework and company today and tomorrow is a busy day with work in the morning, Corey's hospital appointment in the afternoon and a doctors appt for me straight after.
    Thanks for reading if you got this far, sometimes i waffle a bit.
    posted by Cath @ 4:47 PM   6 comments
    Lucky Girl
    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    Well this last couple of days i have been utterly spoiled!
    Firstly yesterday i received a gorgeous parcel through the post from my lovely friend Joanne. Inside a gorgeous little handmade card handbag was a gift wrapped Dolly bead called Celeste!It is simply gorgeous, thank you Jo! The Parcelforce arrived with a kit from the US, yum! Then today i have been out with my friend Dawn and she bought me a gorgeous Willow Tree ornament as a late present, isn't it gorgeous! Thank you Dawn. When i arrived home i had 3 more beads waiting for me which i ordered Monday night. One glass bead called Lime Fizz and 2 silver beads. I only really need another bead now for it to be full and then i'll be able to start my next one!!
    It's been a lovely day shopping today. Haven't really bought much other than some plastic storage boxes like Tupperware. I've decided that one day a week i will bulk cook and then freeze so i needed some storage. This way i'm hoping that i'll cut down on the amount of food/veg that gets thrown away in my house!
    posted by Cath @ 4:38 PM   6 comments
    Awful weekend
    Monday, May 14, 2007
    It was really really awful!
    I woke up at 3am Saturday morning feeling really sick and a few hours later felt like death. I proceeded to be ill all day with sickness and diarrheoa. Thankfully it must have been a 24hr thing as i felt ok again on Sunday morning if not a little fragile. So the weekend was ruined. I was supposed to be going to the crop on Saturday and had to miss it, i was totally gutted. I look forward to this for weeks and then i ended up not going :(
    Today has been spent buying presents for Simon, Dave's son, who is 18 tomorrow. We have spent a small fortune on him but i think he'll like everything.
    I'm currently seething as Laura, Dave's daughter, was supposed to be babysitting for us on Thursday and she's let us down. We gave her a months notice too and i have spent £40 on theatre tickets too! Why can't things just be simple!!
    I'm currently sat here waiting for Jaq to upload some beads to her website as i feel like treating myself!
    posted by Cath @ 10:21 PM   3 comments
    Wednesday, May 09, 2007
    Well today was the day i had my bone marrow biopsy.
    I worked myself into a bit of a state tis morning and ended up with my Irritable Bowel playing up. Luckily after i'd had it done all was fine. So without going into too many gory details it was bloody horrible! I had to lie on my side while the put the anaesthetic in and after a couple of shots of that they popped this HUGE needle in. Didn't feel a thing until the needle went into the bone and then wham. It's a very nervy pain, the sort you get when you bite into something and hit a raw nerve in a tooth(if you know what i mean). Luckily it only lasted a few minutes but at the time it was really unpleasant. Anyway i was in a lot of pain when i got home, i think they must go through nerves and i had really bad pains in my leg and also felt like i'd been kicked by a horse! I'm not feeling too bad at the moment except for a bit of an ache near the site. It doesn't want to stop bleeding either but i'm hoping that by tomorrow i'll be as right as rain. Have to wait til the 21st May now for the results. No sign of an appt for the CT scan yet, wish it would hurry up!
    In other news yesterday(my birthday) was pretty uneventful. Had lunch with my Dad and we went to Chiquitos for dinner. It was nice but i was worrying about today so it could have been better. Also yesterday we visited the mainstream nursery where i am hoping Corey will be going to in Sept. He currently goes to private nursery but ideally i want him to go to both from the end of the yr for the social and educational side of things. They currently don't offer Part time but i met with the head teacher in the hope that they will accommodate us. Will find out in a couple of months.
    And finally, meet Leafy! It's the newest addition to my troll bracelet(although i haven't got it yet)
    posted by Cath @ 8:05 PM   7 comments
    It's my..................
    Tuesday, May 08, 2007
    But i am feeling decidedly down :(
    I feel withdrawn and a little neglected to be honest, especially from family. Dave has tried his best but when he comes to presents he just hasn't got a clue so i end up with the same stuff every single birthday and Christmas. Sorry for sounding ungrateful, it's just one of those days. I did get a silver heart for my Troll bracelet which is really nice.
    Today isn't very exciting. I have a meeting with another nursery about Corey's placement there and then i am meeting my Dad for lunch. Dave wants to take me out for a Pizza at teatime but to be honest i'm not really in the mood so we'll see how we go. Corey has tole me however that he would like a party with Birthday Cake lol. He has been sick the last couple of days and yesterday he was sick 3 times so i'm hoping he's gonna be ok today.
    Anyway, have a good day everyone!
    posted by Cath @ 6:41 AM   9 comments
    Putting it off
    Friday, May 04, 2007
    I have been putting off typing out this post since Monday afternoon and i'm not sure why. Maybe it's because if i don't type it out then non of it is real? Does that make sense?
    Anyway, as you can probably guess the test results were not exactly what i were expecting.
    I didn't see Professor Reilly but one of his team who turned out to be rather more informative as it happens. He started by telling me that my platelet count is around 750 which is around the same as it has been since the beginning of the year. It is still twice what it should be. Last month it was in the 800's. My scan results were not in my notes so he had to send someone out for them. The scan has shown that my spleen is large at 15cms. he said it is within limits but they class it as being enlarged. Coupled with the fact my count is still high he thinks that it is a problem with my bone marrow and therefore he wants to do a bone marrow biopsy asap. The earliest they could get me in was for 3wks time and he didn't want to wait that long and so he is going to do it himself next Wednesday. Not looking forward to that. But this wasn't the worrying part. He mentioned that whilst having my scan they had picked up 2 abnormal looking areas in my liver. He says he thinks they are likely to be something called Hemangionas,which are benign tumours. He failed to mention the word tumour though, i guess in case i freaked out. So i have to go and have a CT scan as well and now i am thinking all sorts of things and every ache or pain is terrifying right now. It's a really stressful time right now so if you don't see me around then you'll know why. Fingers crossed everything will turn out fine but i can't help but sit and wonder. I'm trying to keep myself busy with stuff so i can't sit and think about things.
    Also can i just apologise for not blog visiting, i just haven't felt like it recently but promise to get back on track soon!
    Take care guys!
    posted by Cath @ 11:09 PM   15 comments
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