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    Just wanted to show you sumfink!
    Monday, October 31, 2005
    Some of my friends on UKScrappers were saying how much Corey had grown into a boy and how gorgeous he was. Obviously i completely agree but went back to look on some photos from a yr ago just to see how much he'd changed. I was amazed:

    posted by Cath @ 3:59 PM   6 comments

    Off again to the doctors this morning for yet another check up. Yes i still have an infection and i am now on Erythramicin tablets. Let's hope these work!

    Corey has been in the wars this morning and not only has he trapped his fingers in the drawer but fallen over and cut his lip open. There was blood everywhere and he has a very swollen lip but all the crying was over in a matter o seconds. It's amazing how resilient kids are!
    posted by Cath @ 1:20 PM   4 comments
    Sunday, October 30, 2005

    Can you actually believe that today i finished a layout! The 1st one in two wks. Anyway it's for my Stepdaughter Laura as she is coming up to 18 early next yr and has 'requested' i make her an album. She loves th whole scrapbooking thing. We even went as far to buy her scrap stuff for her 17th birthday but after a couple of weeks it all went out the window. I guess she's more interested in boys and cars at this age. So this is the first LO for the album, only another 19 or so to go!

    Today i have felt like poop again so will make a return to the doctors next week. God i'm sick of feeling ill!

    Didn't really get chance to lie in today even though the clocks went back. You can't tell toddlers to stay in bed for an extra hour can you, if only. So Mr C got up at 740am which was now 640am but tonight he'll go to bed at 7pm which is effectively 8pm so hopefully he'll just get up as normal tomorrow(PLEASEEEEEEEEE after 8am :) He's been out walking with his Daddy today in the pouring rain to give Mummy some peace and quiet :) Dave got a tad wet but Corey was snug as a bug in his backpack with raincover. I made Sunday lunch which i wasn't really bothered about doing to be honest and didn't think i would eat much but i did and then sloped off for a nice, snuggly afternoon nap.
    I think i just might have the inclination to start another layout!
    posted by Cath @ 6:42 PM   2 comments
    Saturday, October 29, 2005
    posted by Cath @ 8:38 PM   1 comments
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    Do you know what?? I think i might actually try to do some scrapbooking today!
    posted by Cath @ 12:12 PM   0 comments
    Friday, October 28, 2005
    So today is the first day i have felt remotely normal. I still feel ill but in terms of how i have felt recently i feel ok. Last night i slept solidly from 11pm til 5am without waking up coughing once. I've been waking up in the night choking and the other night it made me sick cause i coughed so hard, but not last night :)
    So i haven't coughed as much tonight although i'm not sure it's just going to go away. Been to the doctors this afternoon who told me that the antibiotics can take a long time to actually work. She said my chest was terrible(she did say she meant sounded terrible and didn't mean anything personally lol!) but that if it was no better by Sunday to go back. Anyway, no more talk of being ill, it's depressing ain't it!

    Haven't done very much this week as i've not felt like going out. Haven't done any scrapping since the cybercrop as i haven't had an inspiration as well as energy. I now have 3 CJs to do as well as having to start Laura's album for her 18th in february. Also need to make a start on Christmas cards or at least getting some ideas together.
    Last yr i did ones with Corey in a Santa suit and would like to do something like that agin really but haven't got him anything Christmassy yet.
    He's been a bit moany this week and has been getting up earlier too except for this morning when it was 8:15am. He's started with a new word this week, Star, although it comes out Dar as he hasn't got the hang of the St yet lol!

    On another note i just wanted to ask my fellow bloggers if they say things like, Just a minute, when actually they mean half an hour! And why do i say to Corey 'Let me change your bum' when actually i mean nappy??
    posted by Cath @ 6:34 PM   3 comments
    Tuesday, October 25, 2005
    Well yesterday was another fun day!
    After another sleepless night i woke up feeling even worse and short of breath which was totally freaking me out. I had an appt at the docs for late afternoon but wanted to go earlier so called them and they suggested i go up to the hospital. So i called Dave to see if he could come home early to take me, which he did, and we headed on up there. I didn't wait too long, 50 mins, and then the nurse was very thorough.
    She listened to my chest and did the whole tapping thing, not really sure why they do that. Anyway she said she was unsure of what she was hearing because of the air con in the room so we moved to another. After she listened again we went back to the original room where she checked my oxygen levels. They were fine but she said my chest sounded terrible. Her words were 'I never expected to hear a chest that bad when you walked in, it sounds like you're a smoker', which i am not. She said there is a lot of crap in there and if i don't get it out i'm in trouble of developing pneumonia. So i am on double strength antibiotics, some awful cough mixture and have to inhale steam a few times a day to loosen things up (Ewwwwwww!)
    Anyway, good news is i actually got a few hours sleep last night. I was fast asleep when Corey woke me up at 715am, he obviously knew i was asleep cause he's not been waking until after 8am recently. So i felt a bit perkier this morning which is slowly wearing off the more coughing i do lol! Hopefully it won't be long before the antibiotics kick in and i can get back to normal.
    posted by Cath @ 10:35 AM   6 comments
    Sunday, October 23, 2005
    Well i've had a pretty crap weekend so far!
    Firstly i'm gutted i missed my crop AGAIN yesterday for the 3rd month in a row! They'll all be thinking i'm not interested in it anymore but i most definately am, i just feel so sick right now. Yesterday i only switched the computer on to check my mail so i must be ill! I have gone 72hrs now with about 3 hrs sleep so i'm feeling a bit of a wreck. I'm so glad i have the doctor's tomorrow. I so hope i can sleep tonight cause DH is back at work tomorrow and it won't be much fun looking after the Coreymeister if i'm feeling like poo.
    DH cooked for him and Corey yesterday so i was basically in bed from 9am til about 1030pm when i vacated to the sofa which is where i have been sleeping so i don't disturb hubby. This isn't bad because we have a huge sofa which is like sleeping on a bed anyway and when i'm still awake at 3am i can switch the TV on or read a bit. I will be glad to get back to my own bed though cause i haven't slept in it for nearly 3 wks :(
    I didn't particularly want to sleep in it last night anyhow after Corey was sick on it. He'd had it milk before bed and hubby brought him up to see me before he went to bed. Corey obviously was excited to see his Mummy and coupled with the fact that he had just been fed and still had some wind he threw up on the end of the bed, YUCK!!!!!!!!! So tired, cranky and feeling horrible i had to strip the bed and put all new stuff on. Oh well, it's done now!
    Not sure i have the strength to do Sunday Lunch today so might end up getting a chinese later, that is unless i can persuade hubby to cook. On second thoughts, maybe not lol!

    Here's a couple of pics i took of my little man last week which i forgot to upload :)
    posted by Cath @ 10:05 AM   7 comments
    Friday, October 21, 2005
    Corey slept 13 hrs again last night. Went to bed at 1230 for his 40 mins nap and is still asleep(at 2pm). Hope he's just growing and not ill or anything.

    Oh and here's the layout i did for my friend. She says she adores it and i am so happy :) It was so nice to do a girly LO for a change!

    posted by Cath @ 2:03 PM   4 comments
    Thursday, October 20, 2005
    Well i've felt a bit pap again today! Totally amazing how many times a person can cough in 24 hrs, i nearly coughed up a lung i think!
    Corey has been a cheeky chappy today. His grandad has been to visit and has been showing how you throw things, not a good idea! I got hit by a book and Dad nearly got a metal train on the foot but luckily it missed. Grandparents sometimes don't have an sense! He has a habit of tidying Corey's things away when he comes too and Corey thought this was a bit of a game. Everytime he had finished moving things Corey took great delight in chucking everything around the room again as if nothing had been tidied in the first place.
    I'm just sat her catching up on a few things. Dave has gone to a Basketball game so i am enjoying the quietness.
    Oh and you see the picture? Well believe it or not that is Coreys breakfast bowl from this morning. Empty you say, why yes, the first time he has EVER eaten all his Ready Brek!!!!!
    posted by Cath @ 8:57 PM   3 comments
    Wednesday, October 19, 2005
    Well i'm having a bit of a crappy day. I seem to whinge all the time don't I!!!???

    Anyway it started off by DH waking me up. Waking me up when i am in a deep sleep doesn't really get me off to a good start, but it was 0830 and Corey and I were both still asleep. This is an amazing fete in itself because Corey NEVER sleeps til that time. At the moment 8am is the latest but hey, i'm not complaining. So the phonecall woke both of us up. I still find it very sweet that after nearly 7 yrs together my hubby still calls me 2-3 times a day though!
    So i'm awake and feeling particularly ill. I've had a cough for nearly 3 weeks and woke this morning with a stinking cold to top things off. Sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, you know the deal. So have been feeling lousy all day. Then late morning Corey proceeds to put unknown object into mouth and be sick all over the carpet. Great, just what i love doing, cleaning up vomit! Won't eat his lunch and is then sick again! Oh the joys of motherhood!
    On a good front i did manage to finish a layout i've done for a friend. It's VERY, VERY pink and girly, not what i usually do at all, but such a refreshing change, i hope she likes it. Once i know she has it i will upload it :)

    On a more sombre note i received some quite shocking news the other day.
    Someone knocked on the front door and on answering it it turned out to be a neighbour from across the street. He wanted to let the neighbours know some news he had found out and thought we all should know, as a community.
    It turns out the guy who lives next door but one to me is currently in prison, for being a Paedophile. Well i was completely shocked. Having someone like that living 2 doors away. He said he had been caught on videotape and they had also taken away his computer. He had been in court on Monday and they were keeping him there until his trial in November. Well i know the phrase innocent until proven guilty, but would they keep him on remand if he was innocent?
    I asked the man just as he left which number house it was and then closed the door and never thought anymore about it. I went upstairs to tell hubby and he said, 'Well that's R's house isn't it?' It hadn't registered with me that the guy they were on about is actually someone we both know! And know quite well! I have know R for about 8 yrs. We used to work together and then when we bought this house we were amazed to find out he lived there. I know his girlfriend really well too as she worked at the same place when i started but then changed jobs. Whenever i'm out and about i always talk to them and they always say hello to us and Corey. To say i feel totally sick by all this is an understatement, it made me feel really ill. The neighbour who told us said she is standing by him which, if he is guilty, and she is, then i found completely disgusting. She's still in the house and although i am a friend of hers, i don't feel it's my place to go talk to her. I know R has alway's been a bit strange, but i never thought he was capable of anything like that. I guess until we know all the facts i shouldn't assume anything, but they don't arrest people for nothing do they?
    posted by Cath @ 10:06 PM   2 comments
    Bad Hair Day!
    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    Why can't i have super sleek straight hair! I hate the fact that i have curly/frizzy hair. I can never do anything with it and therefore i have a permanent pony tail. I should really have it cut short but DH would have a hissy fit so i keep it long.
    Yesterday i spent a full hour straightening it. It looked great. Then 2 hrs later its start to kink and then i have this huge bad hair do that looks likes i'm wearing a wig!!
    God i hate my hair somedays!!!
    posted by Cath @ 2:37 PM   3 comments
    Sunday, October 16, 2005
    In the words of Ace Ventura, i am a LOSER!!!
    So yesterday i went Christmas shopping. I did really well and got oodles of pressies. But whilst looking through the stuff when i got home discovered that i had lost a carrier bag full of DVD's! I rang the shopping centre where i had been and all the shops i had been in but no-one had handed them in, early present for someone i guess. I may as well have thrown £30 down the drain. I was so angry with myself i could have punched the nearest person! Lukily i didn't and today i feel a little calmer. Luckily the day got a little better when a neighbour brought round an order that had been delivered to her in the morning as i wasn't in. It was from Artbase and contained lovely goodies to start my stepdaughters Scrap album for her 18th birthday, better get a move on with that!

    Today i haven't really done too much. Messed about with my blog, put some photos in a frame for a Christmas present and did some housework, which in my house takes quite some time with a whirlwind that is my son! I slept in til 1030am this morning which is very unlike me but i did stay up late doing the ironing and then coughed for most of the night!

    Tonight i am very happy to report is the start of Season 2 of Nip/Tuck. Please let Dr Troy be ok *swoon swoon* Will have to set Sky+ for it as DH will be watching American Football.
    posted by Cath @ 5:48 PM   3 comments
    Ok, this is the template i am going with.
    I'm in the process of 'jazzing' it up a bit so bear with me :)
    posted by Cath @ 12:33 PM   3 comments
    Friday, October 14, 2005
    I am in the process of changing my blog. This style is temporary until i get things sorted :)
    posted by Cath @ 8:11 PM   0 comments
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    posted by Cath @ 7:32 PM   0 comments
    Well, it's been a busy few days.
    Wednesday we went to see Corey's Physiotherapist. We've only been seeing her every six months as he's been doing well and she has now discharged him as she thinks he doesn't need the extra help now he's walking and running around. One less appointment to go to is fine by me!
    Afterwards we went to see the nurses on the Neonatal unit and they were gobsmacked by how well he looked. It was music to my ears to hear them say that if they didn't know him you would think there had never been anything wrong with him! After lots of ooo's and ahhh's we went home.
    Yesterday Dad and Sis came to see us and we had the usual sillyness off Corey. Spinning around pretending to do 'ring a ring a roses' but at the same time closing his eyes. Shouting as load as he can repeatedly and laughing his little head off, he's so funny at times! Then a trip to the Post office with parcels galore.
    Today we've been into town to do the first of the Christmas shopping and get a few birthday pressies for my little man who, can you believe it, will be 2 next month!!!! I guess i have to admit to myself that Christmas is actually only about 9 weeks away and actually get on a spend some money.
    On a crappy note, Corey has been a little got this week with his eating and drinking. He doesn't even want to drink his milk right now. I'm hoping it's just a phase and due to his teething!
    posted by Cath @ 7:06 PM   0 comments
    Tuesday, October 11, 2005
    Ok this is a cool fun thing to do :) Thanks Tiffiny!

    Go to Google. Type in "(your first name) needs" Use the quotes for it to work, and then select 5 or more random 'needs' you have and list them!

    Catherine needs to grow up and become a woman
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    Catherine needs to plan ahead so she will know whether or not she will have enough
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    Catherine needs proof of her own sanity
    Catherine Needs to Shave her Legs
    Catherine needs a life

    OMG, do these people know me that well!!!!LOL

    posted by Cath @ 5:06 PM   5 comments
    Please remember to take the bath plug out of the bath when having a shower! Now this isn't for obvious reasons, i.e the bath filling up with water, but because our plug is a round metal thing with a long pointy thing on it which slots into the hole and because it was upright in the bath and i stood on it hard and now have an inch long, 1/2 inch deep gash on the bottom of my foot! Oh the ways you can injure yourself these days is ridiculous!
    posted by Cath @ 2:51 PM   4 comments
    Monday, October 10, 2005
    Sometimes i seriously consider myself to be an inferior human being.
    I sometimes think i'm hard done to because i have had a busy day cleaning the house and haven't had time to watch the program i recorded last night or haven't had a chance to do some scrapbooking.
    Then i take a glance at other peoples lives and think, how on earth do you do it?

    They hold down a full time job, have 2 or more children, take care of the home, scrap like i've never scrapped in my life, have projects ongoing outside of there main jobs. And i think I have a busy life. Apart from housework, looking after a 2yr old and ferrying him to hospital appointments, what do i actually do with my time??? Someone please tell me cause i seriously don't have a clue!
    posted by Cath @ 7:26 PM   4 comments
    Well we've had a longggggggggg day today. Don't seem like i've stopped for a minute!

    Had to set off early this morning to see the Dietitian. Not much point in going there really as she told me to just carry on as i was. According to her scales he has put on another 6oz so not sure how accurate they are as he was only weighed 5 days ago! If they're true then woohoo hes 23lb 8oz!
    So then we went to see my Dad and then into town for a new coat and some new clothes. Funny how i always enjoy spending money on other people more than on myself! That is unless it's for my scrapbooking lol! Came home, fed the boy, tidied up, washing done, washing on the line, tidy up after Corey AGAIN, go to ASDA, go to Post Office, back and start preparing tea!!! I need to go lie down i fink!
    posted by Cath @ 4:05 PM   0 comments
    This is just a really quite update for anyone who reads me :) Will update in detail later as we are off out soon for an appointment with the Dietician.
    Corey has been ill for well over a week now and his cough has been really bad, at times making him sick. Luckily he doesn't have a chest infection though so we have escaped with just a cold once again. Can't wait for winter :( This will be the first winter Corey hasn't been isolated from the world so i am expecting looks of colds and stuff this yr. Oh joy!
    So the little guy has passed things onto me and over the last few days i have gone from having cold like symptoms to having a horrendous cough. I'm literally barking like a dog at the moment and have took to sleeping on the sofa as not to wake DH up.
    So this weekend i didn't get involved as much in the Cybercrop on UKScrappers as i probably would have although i did enjoy it. I got about 8 layouts done in total which has sort of ended my scrappers block a little but i'm feeling a bit scrapped out now. I do have some Circle Journals to finsih this week and also have to make a start on my Stepdaughters album for her 18th as she bugs me about it everytime i see her and yesterday called her Dad up to tell him she had a huge bag of photographs for me.
    Guess i better buy some girlie scrapping stuff as i literally have none living in a house with 2 men.
    Will update you all later. In the meantime if you want to see the layouts from this weekend you can see them here.
    posted by Cath @ 7:14 AM   0 comments
    Tuesday, October 04, 2005
    Yawn, yawn, yawn! I am so exhausted! I haven't been going to bed til late and the Corey monster has been getting me at at 6am for the last few days due to this cold. He is full of it right now and his cough is getting worse, and therefore he's off the food again. Just what i need when he see's the Speech Therapist this week!
    Anyway today we went to see his consultant. I was soooooooooo nervous because i didn't want him to have lost anymore weight. Anyway, i needn't have worried because he's put a whole pound on! Yes 1/2kg, 453 grams or 16 ounces, whichever way you want to look at it, he gained weight!! Dr Primhak said if i had any more Nasogastric tubes in the house to throw them away because unless something serious happened we wouldn't be needing them again! Do you know how happy that make me feel!! I celebrated by buying some jam doughnuts which i shall munch on later lol!!

    Dawn my friend has been round for coffee and a natter this afternoon. I am so glad i met Dawn cause we have so much in common. Ironically we met via the scrapping forum UKScrappers and she lives in the same city as me. Anyway, we always have a good yarn about scrapbooking, husbands, kids and anything really. She is also brilliant with Corey and always loves to play with him. I don't think she's a blog reader so i won't have embarassed her too much!

    Have just got back from a humungous meal at out local Damons restuarant and am feeling slightly stuffed and not sure if i'll manage said doughnuts now! After all it is my 3rd wedding anniversary!
    posted by Cath @ 6:20 PM   7 comments
    Sunday, October 02, 2005
    Corey gets his groove on!!
    posted by Cath @ 6:16 PM   2 comments
    My ickle baby is sick :( He started with a cold a few days ago and it's been getting worse. He's now full of it and has been sick a couple of times today. He's also off his food which we didn't want. Hopefully he won't lose any more weight.
    Send your healing vibes please!
    posted by Cath @ 4:52 PM   3 comments

    So i was up at 630am this morning in pain :( My Irritable Bowel is getting worse by the week and i MUST make sure i make an appointment at the doctors next week or i'll end up in real trouble at this rate. I was really looking forward to a lie in bed this morning and instead i'm up earlier than ever! Anyway after a couple of tablets and a walk to the ASDA i feel more human again! We only went there yesterday but i had a couple of swaps to do on UKS so i had to go and get some stuff for that, spent a fortune too but hey ho, i love pleasing people!

    Yesterday we went to Alton Towers. Dave works for the train company Midland Mainline and every year they have a staff day out, this year it was there. Considering that adult tickets are £29 each and there were 4 adults i think it was a pretty generous day out. I don't really do rides though and so i normally get left holding the baby but no-one went on any rides. yes, can you believe that we all went to a theme park and not one of us went on a ride?!! Well, that is if you don't include the baby rides as Corey went on 3 lol! He went on the carousel with Laura, the squirrel ride with daddy and then Laura and I took him on the vintage cars. He loved pretending to drive the car as that's what he's into these days, cars. Oh and nearly forgot, Dave and Simon went on the rapids! We also got to see the Tweenies while we were there. They had a show on which lasted about 20mins and i think i was more excited than Corey, i love the Tweenies. Corey completely freaked out when they first came on as it was very bright and very loud but he was ok after 5 mins and was dancing by the end! So if nothing else, the day was a great experience for Corey, and to say we got in for free we still spent a small fortune!
    posted by Cath @ 12:57 PM   1 comments
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