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    Over for another year
    Wednesday, December 27, 2006
    Well after all the preparation and spending it's all over for another year. Still have New Year to look forward too and new beginnings but we don't really do much at New Year.
    Anyway we have had a really nice time, albeit very quiet. We should have been having Dave's Dad for lunch but he was ill so it was just the 3 of us, which was nice as it's the first time it's just been us.
    Anyway, Corey woke Christmas morning just after 6am and after coming in bed with us for a few minutes we went and started the opening of presents. Mine and Dave's didn't take much opening as we don't really spend much on each other, all our money goes on Corey and Dave's other kids Simon and Laura. Anyway, Corey unwrapped and unwrapped and seemed to love all his presents. He got Cars, trains, planes, books, leap pad cartridges, games and baking sets. We didn't buy him one big present this year but lots of things. Dave got books and Dvds as well as cycling and football things and i got smellies, books, dvds, PJs and perfume as well as 2 cartridges for my Cricut die cutting machine. After opening the presents we just chilled for a bit and then i started preparations for dinner whilst we waited for Simon and Laura to come. They loved all their presents too which were mainly clothes(and expensive ones at that!)
    So we ate dinner late, more like teatime but it was lovely. I made enough to feed at least 6 people i think and we ended up feeling bloated and very full! Afterwards we ate devils food cake with fresh cream, yum! Christmas Day evening was spend watching trashy Christmas movies and generally vegging out!
    Yesterday we did nothing. Boxing day is always a time to relax for me. Leftovers for dinner and again watching the obligatory trash they put on the TV. Dave popped out in the morning with Corey and i just chilled out and then in the afternoon Dave and Simon went to the football while Corey and I sat and played. Then last night Corey had his Big Cook Little Cook set out and made Strawberry angel delight. Now he would have done buns but i didn't really have enough sugar so they'll have to wait for another time.
    Today DH and I have had some quiet time. Corey has been to nursery and so we caught up on housework and then headed off to the local shopping centre for a browse. I didn't realise there was a NEXT store there and they always have fabulous sales so i just had to pop in. I managed to get Corey a fab new winter coat, about 10 long sleeved tops and 4 pairs of trousers for £50! May go back tomorrow for a proper look as we didn't have much time. Corey seemed to like all his new gear although he's a bit grouchy right now as he has a bit of a cough and a cold. I just hope it doesn't get too bad.
    So New Year, do you have any resolutions?
    Well i have started mine early. I decided to get my life into some sort of order and so have been the motivator rather than the procrastinator. My friend Dawn bought me a fabby book for Christmas called Organise yourself and it's really helped. I've been making to do lists like theres no tomorrow. So instead of putting things off til the last minute i am going to do them early. No more missing birthdays and appointments, from now on call me Mrs Organised! I shall keep my 5am routine and as Corey is going to be at nursery 3 mornings a week it will give me plenty of time to get things done. I am going to start a Bliss support group and already have the wheels in motion on that. I've started to plan my housework so i know what i'm doing each day and also the same with meals. I know it might be a bit anal but hey, if it works who cares!
    Anyway, here are a few pictures from Christmas. Hope you all had a fabulous time!!

    posted by Cath @ 5:54 PM   11 comments
    Merry Christmas from the Elf!
    Sunday, December 24, 2006

    Well today has been incredibly busy.
    Started at 6am with the Coreymeister getting up. Usually he shoots and i tell him to get up but this morning he just decided to get up and come downstairs. So when Dave got up we got the bikes out and cycled to Mcdonalds for breakfast which was yummy! I haven't cycled in ages and my butt is in agony right now, bet i pay for it tomorrow. Then home and cooking commenced. Pork, sage and onion stuffing, pine nut and apple stuffing, Nut Roast, Cranberry sauce and Devils food cake complete with frosting all made. Just have the veg to do tomorrow which shouldn't take too long. All presents are wrapped and i'm now sitting and chilling for a while as i am knackered lol to put it mildly.
    Anyway if i don't get chance to pop on tomorrow i just wanted to wish you all a very VERY Merry Christmas and a prosperous and Healthy new year. Love to you all!
    posted by Cath @ 6:16 PM   8 comments
    Christmas Spirit
    Saturday, December 23, 2006
    I'm now getting into the Christmas spirit, now that is that everything has been done that is. The thing i hate most about Christmas is all the food shopping. I don't mind the preparation, in fact i do like cooking, but it would be fab if it all just appeared in your cupboards lol!
    Anyway we decided to go Thursday afternoon to ASDA for the shopping and it wasn't to bad to be honest. Trying to negotiate the trolley around the shop was frustrating but the checkouts were suprisingly empty. Dave broke up from work on Thursday. He is now officially a first aid trainer so he is pleased he's added another string to his bow so to speak. I love it when he is on holiday and so does Corey. Apart from the obviously amily time together it means i get some me time and also get to lie in bed! In fact DH let me sleep in yesterday and today so i'm feeling really refreshed.
    yesterday i finished off all the wrapping i had left so that was one last thing to do. Today we have done the last couple of errands, delivering cards and presents and now we are all done and can settle down to enjoying the festivities.
    I am currently sat here chilling a Dave and Corey have gone for a sleep and i am watching the movie Elf, don't you just love watching Christmas movies!
    Heres a picture of a project i finished the other night. I've made it for hubby for his desk at work so i really hope he likes it. Each month the crop i go too has a kit and this was the December one. My friend Joanne mad a fabulous mini album with it using the canvases as the covers so i did the same(thanks Jo!)

    posted by Cath @ 2:33 PM   5 comments
    Wednesday, December 20, 2006
    Monday Corey had his first Physio appointment. He had Physio up until he was about a yr old but they felt he didn't need it after that. Anyway he is very clumsy and when he had his assessment recently they felt his ankles were a little weak so we were referred to PT once again. So we went to see Mary at the Ryegate centre who assessed him and came to two conclusions. Firstly he is hypermobile which basically means that his legs are more flexible than they should be. Secondly his feet are very flat. They are called Valgus which means his feet are so flat that when he put his foot to the floor his foot collapses inwards and so balancing is very difficult, this would account why Corey can fall over when he is motionless. Stairs and suchlike are very difficult for him. The first thing to be done is to have some inserts for his shoes. We go back on the 2nd January to have these fitted. The he'll be reviewed a month later and will have some Physiotherapy sessions if it's felt he needs them. To be honest I've known for a while something was wrong and so this has put my mind at ease and at least something is now being done about it.

    Nothing much else happening really, just trying to get ready for Christmas. Just have the fruit and veg to get now but can't really get that til the end of the week. I hate shopping for this, everything is sold out and the crowds are awful! Anyway, another week and it will all be over!
    yesterday Dave's new bike came. Now my intention was to store it in the outhouse as Dave doesn't go in there. But when it arrived i realised this wasn't going to happen as the box was about 6ft by 4ft and wouldn't fit in. So i had to think on my feet. I tidied my craft room, dragged the box upstairs(not easy as it weighs about 15kg!) and it is now safely in my room with instructions to Dave not to go in there!

    Today i've been into town to get a few bits of food and a couple of presents. I also got 6 bottles of Bucks Fizz for the girls at nursery as i didn't know what to get them. They seemed to go down ok anyway :)
    Hope you're all ready for Christmas?!?!?
    posted by Cath @ 4:07 PM   6 comments
    Still going!
    Monday, December 18, 2006
    Yep i'm still on my 5am routine and it seems to be working well.
    This morning the alarm went off at 5am and i so wanted to turn over and go back to sleep. I closed my eyes but then all the images of things i needed/wanted to do floaded into my head. So up i got and cleaned the kitchen floor and polished all the living room. Then i got my ironing done and Corey got up at 630am and i had done most of the things i wanted to do and it felt great!

    Friday Dave was off work and i headed to Meadwhall to find some last minute Christmas presents. I've got most of them but Daves son, who is 17, is praticularly hard to buy for. Anyway, i managed to get his last two presents so he's sorted now. There was just Dave left but Saturday night i went online and found him a cool looking hybrid bike and hopefully it should be delivered this week. If it isn't then i'm buggered basically. It does state they usually dispatch the next working day but i've sent them an email to find out for definate.

    Saturday was the crop and we had a great laugh as usual. Lots of food around and i brought in my Ipod and speakers and we played Christmas music. I managed to start a LO which i then finished off yesterday so that makes 2 layouts for this week which i am more than happy with!
    Didn't really get up to much yesterday, Sunday really is a day of rest in our house!
    posted by Cath @ 7:48 AM   8 comments
    Miss you Mummy!
    Thursday, December 14, 2006
    Today is my mums birthday. She would have been 68yrs old. Unfortunately Mum died of Cancer almost 14yrs ago. I think about her often and miss her very much, she was a wonderful woman. I love you Mum!
    Nothing much else happening. Still doing ym 5am routine and all is well. Yesterday it really caught up with me and i s[ent the morning doing absolutely nothing. Corey was at nursery and the housework had been done so i laid on the sofa and vegged out. I watched Mannequin, one of my all time fave 80's films and it didn't disappoint, it was nice to just sit and do nothing for a bit. Corey had a good time at nursery, it was Christmas dinner yesterday and they said he did well.
    Today my Dads coming to visit so Corey is very excited and i'm sure dad will be on the floor playing with trains as soon as he steps through the door!
    posted by Cath @ 6:05 AM   7 comments
    This 5am lark..
    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    .....Seems to be agreeing with me thus far, even though it's only been two days. This morning i got up and tidied, dusted, got Corey up and fed and made dinner all before 730am! I seem to have more energy too which is kinda strange. Last night i even scrapped for the first time in a month. I did a LO for a friend of mine and popped it into a frame which i gave her today and she thought it was lovely. It was such a refreshing change too! Corey's flu jab went ok yesteday, hshed a feew tears as the needle went in but all was soon forgotten. I took him into town afterwards and bought him a Mcdonalds. Today we went to Junglemania and met up with a couple of mums from the Bliss forum. Corey ran around with his friend Harry as usual and by the time we got home he was almost asleep, it really tires him out! This afternoon i managed to get a few more cards done and hopefully that is it now :) Tomorrow is nursery for Corey and i have yet another blood test!
    posted by Cath @ 9:05 PM   8 comments
    Gone mad???
    Monday, December 11, 2006
    Well this morning i got up at 5am to clean the house. Yes you did read that right, 5am!
    So after watching the fabulous Stacey Julian on Clique TV recently i thought her life seemed to be so organised and she is a working Mom who is always on the go. I don't work and only have one small, but very active, 3 yr old to contend with but still i never seem to have much time. So from today i am trying to organise my life.
    I got up at 5am, made coffe, tidied the room and kitchen, polished the furniture, cleaned the cupboards and various other mundane jobs! Now downstairs looks sparkly but i dare not do upstairs as i'll wake the sleeping monster an then it won't be quiet and peaceful anymore.
    Later we have to go out as Corey is having his flu jab today so at least i'll know all the hard works been done before we go. So wish me luck, not sure 5am every day will be as easy!
    posted by Cath @ 6:12 AM   6 comments
    Cycle for Life
    Sunday, December 10, 2006
    My hubby has started a blog about his charity venture next yr.

    Cycle for Life
    posted by Cath @ 1:47 PM   0 comments
    Quick update
    Hi Guys
    Sorry i haven't blogged al week but things have been a little strained. Lets just say i'm looking forward to the New Year and hope it brings healthier times. I don't really want to bore you all with too many details but basically Corey has been has been all with Sickness and Diarrheoa. This lasted a few days and was generally unpleasant with Corey losing even more weight just as we'd managed to put a bit on. Then i got a really bad strained shoulder. We don't actually know what it is but a frozen shoulder is suspected. I've been in pain since last tuesday and it's getting a bit disabling now. I can use the lower part of my arm but i can't lift it at all so certain things are difficult. Then on Wednesday i had to get my blood results from the doctor to be told i have something calle Thrombocytosis. By bone marrow is producing too many platelets and so i have been referred to a Haemotologist at the hospital to find the underlying cause, so i'm feeling pretty nervous about that. Then to top the week off, just as i thought i'd escaped ruining my laptop completely when i spilt water in it i tripped over the main cable, pulled it onto the floor, the dvd drive popped out and smashed to pieces. *sigh* So i have had to take it out. After much ringing around i fathomed out that via Packard Bell a new one is £150 or i can actually buy one for £40 so it doe pay to shop around. For them to fix it they wanted £120 just to take a look! Anyway, as i don't use the drive that much i'm going to wait until the new year to buy another.
    Some good new is that i have finished and posted the majority of my Christmas Cards, the whole 65 of them! Still need to make about another 20 but i need some more paper so i've ordered some more. I've just got my first order from a friend for her wedding invites so i'm trying to source the stuff for them right now. If anyone knows where i can get a rubber stamp that says 'We're getting Married' on it then please let me know as i'm having trouble! I have also made a pact with myself that come tomorrow i am going to scrap again as i haven't done a layout in probably over a month!
    The only other thing to mention is that Dave has decided to do a four day cycl ride to raise money for the unit where Corey was born. I'l post more details later :)
    Hope you're all having a Merry Christmas!
    posted by Cath @ 10:08 AM   3 comments
    Monday, December 04, 2006
    Bloomin computers! My own silly fault. I spilt a teeny(about 1/4 tsp) of juice on my laptop and paid for it last night. All was fine at first but i thought i should turn it off and let it dry. So i came to use it late last night and all was fine until i tried to use the numbers or the letter P. Anyway i left it til this morning and it was still the same :( After much ponering i took all the keys off one by one and cleaned underneath, the reult is we are fully functional again, phew!!! That was a lucky escape, i haven't even finished paying for it yet lol!
    So today Corey has been very subdued. Although his vomiting seems to have subsided he has been really constipated. Anyway eventually this afternoon he managed to go(with a lttle help from Mummy) and he has been as right as rain ever since even though his appetite is yet to return.
    This afternoon we put up the Christmas tree(will post pics later) and put some lights up. Will do the rest tomorrow after Corey and I have been to Junglemania. It's sort of become our Tuesday ritual, he loves it so much.
    Also just wanted to say a big thanks to all of you who have encouraged me to keep the blog going. Thanks for your support!
    posted by Cath @ 7:27 PM   7 comments
    Sunday, December 03, 2006
    Firstly i have to start with the concert i went to last night. WOW WOW WOW. How amazing was it!
    Me and my sister went to see Pink at the local arena. We had wanted to go all along but before we could get our acts together the ticket had sold out. Luckily i managed to buy a pair from someone and almost at the original price so we were very happy. We got there at 630 and doors opened at 7pm. There was a HUGE queue to get in so we stood in line freezing our socks off! We got in and headed straight for the stage.We had standing tickets and were only about 10ft away from the stage. So we stood for an hour and the warm up act came on, a group called Mudbone. They were ok but were a bit extreme for me. They went off at around 830pm and according to the website Pink was due on at 8.55pm. By 925pm there was still not sign and the crowd were getting restless. She eventually came on just after 930pm and she was well worth the wait. She sang to perfection, she looked amazing, she dances like a pro and is also apparently a bit of an acrobat performing some great stuff while hanging from the ceiling! At the end of the show i was tired, numb, very achey and hourse from singing but it was truly a fabulous night!
    So i seem to be getting very lax with this blogging lark and i have been contemplating giving it up. I don't have a huge amount of people that read it but a few do. For now i'll carry on and see how it goes after Christmas, i guess it's just cause things are a bit hectic with Christmas coming.
    Friday i went and did some more Christmas shopping. Thankfully i don't have a huge amount left to do now, just something for DH and for my stepson who i have no idea what to get. I got Corey some more Car stuff so he'll be very happy including the cutest little dressing gown you have ever seen! Gan gan has bought him the DVD so he'll no doubt be watching that in Christmas day. Can you believe we are like 3 wks away from Christmas? OMG where does the time go??! In the last week i have managed to make 50 Christmas cards but still have a few more to make so hopefully they'll all go in the post next week :)
    I was going to give a big cheer and tell you all how fabulous my little boy was as he's done so well with his feeding recently and has gained some weight but over the last 2 days he has done the usual trick of becoming ill and not wanting to eat! I am pretty sick of the smell of vomit today and i've had to wash the kitchen floor twice and also change the covers on his bed! Oh the joys of parenthood!
    posted by Cath @ 4:11 PM   8 comments
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