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    Tuesday, June 28, 2005
    Well, not alot's been happening round here lately, well nothing interesting anyway, so i guess thats why i haven't posted as much!
    Corey went to see his dietician yesterday., She was really pleased with his progress. Main areas of improvemnet needed are to take more savoury foods than sweet, try and get 500mls of milk in him a day as he only takes about 350-400, and to try to wean him off watching the TV whilst eating, that's easier said than done!
    Anyway today he managed for tea without watching TV(he ate in the garden) some soup, macaroni cheese, 2 yoghurts and his milk, so i don't think he did bad!
    We all went to see the dentist today. He was very good with Corey, never went near his mouth or anything but asked us to get his mouth open which we did. He said that the permanent teeth form from birth to 6yrs so that is the time when they can be discoloured by certain things lie antibiotics and some foods so the diet is very important. Obviously sweet things should be kept to a minimum but it's difficult with a child who wont eat so we have to be careful.

    I have been doing tons of scrapbooking this month, 8 circle journals and 7 layouts. I don't know where i find the time actually. To be honest i do it at the weekend or for a couple of hours when DH gets home from work. Here are a couple of pages i have just done -

    This is one for a CJ called Things that make me smile - It's photos of me when i was little (awwwww) and Corey when he was born.

    And this one is one of Corey(which all my LO's tend to be) Sorry the pic isn't very good

    posted by Cath @ 10:21 PM   3 comments
    Wednesday, June 22, 2005
    Forgot to mention that this morning Corey is a little monster!!! Since he got up at 6.30am he's done nothing but whinge, moan and cry. He's just gone to sleep again so i'm hoping it's just because he's tired. If not then i don't have a clue. He's been a bit whingy since Monday. Maybe it's because hubbys back at work. Roll on the weekend!!!
    posted by Cath @ 10:41 AM   2 comments
    I just typed a HUGE post only for me to lose it! ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! How frustrating!

    I can't believe i haven't updated in so long. I just got carried away with life in general and forgot about my diary!

    Lots have been happening really. DH took Corey and his older son camping last week for 3 days Mon-Weds and so i got to spent some time on my own. Whilst i love them both dearly it was great to have a bit of Me time! I didn't do a great deal but just hung around eating junk food, watching TV without interruptions, did some scrapbooking, and didn't have to worry about feeding, changing nappies and having eyes in the back of my head for little hands everywhere!

    The weekend before that we had a day out to Tutbury Castle. I enjoyed it but in my opinion these things are just too expensive and i'd rather be spending my money on Scrapbooking supplies! I have been so bad recently, my latest obsession being dies for my Zip'emate!!! Anyway the Castle was very interesting but there isn't a huge amount there really. Heres a pic of Tutbury castle. For any UK people who watch Most Haunted it has been on one of there shows.

    Last weekend was Fathers day and i made a canvas for Dave. It's basically a scrapbook page but done on a canvas you can hang on the wall. I found a really nice poem about Dads on the Twopeas website and with a couple of pictures made it look really cute(well i think so anyway). He loved it anyway and he also got a couple of DVDs and a mug with a picture of him and Corey on it.Heres a picture -

    Monday we had the Garden done. We have a really big garden and we have 2 lawns and a large area at the top with plants and a kind of secret garden thing in the middle with a table and chairs. We really didnt need all the grass so we've had the lower grassed area decked and went out and bought a new table and a couple of chairs as well as some new plants. It looks very bare at the moment because the area is so large but we're going to be getting lots of new stuff for it like a new BBQ and chimenea so hopefully it'll be cool when it's completely finished.
    posted by Cath @ 10:29 AM   2 comments
    Friday, June 10, 2005
    Well the last few days have been a little weird really. Haven't been doing that much but haven't a minute to myself.
    Corey has been a bit whingey and clingey but otherwise he's doing good. He has taken a few more steps but nothing major. I'm just getting impatient now and want him to go for it but he's taking things at his own pace as per usual :D
    Wednesday i was really ill. We decided to go out for dinner, nothing big, i had a KFC and hubby had a chinese. About 15 mins after having the KFC i knew that my irritable bowel was starting and so i had to rush to the loo(sorry, too much info i know!) but anyway i took some Immodium in the hope it would stop it but alas it didn't and i was in so much pain i nearly called for an ambulance! It took 3 hrs for the pain to subside and by this time i was completely drained of energy and just laid in bed for the rest of the evening.
    Yesterday i was fine, fully recovered and had visitors. DH came home early and took Corey off my hands for a while while i made an Altered clipboard for someone. Just flaked out in front of the TV last night.
    And this morning i had so many plans which have all been put to one side because my dreaded Vertigo is back. I'm feeling very woosy, lethargic and dizzy and i have to be careful when i stand up to not do it too quickly or i may end up on the floor.
    I shouldn't really be on the 'puter as i'm sure it will make it worse but Corey is napping and this will be the only time i have to catch up on stuff.
    posted by Cath @ 11:06 AM   1 comments
    Tuesday, June 07, 2005
    So, my little man has been letting me sleep in for the past couple of days. This is great because i am catching up on sleep. Making up for the past 3 months of not getting any! I have stopped sleeping on the sofa, this was not doing me any good, but it was the only way i could sleep, i just couldn't nod off in my own bed. I bought some herbal sleeping tablets and have had those for the past four nights with huge success. I have slept undisturbed for those past four nights and woke feeling refreshed. And lieing in bed until 7-730am is a great help as only a few weeks ago it was 530am
    Even though the tablets are herbal i don't want to keep taking them, so when i've been taking them for a week i shall cut the nuber down and hopefully i can sleep well without them.

    Corey did really well with dinner last night and his breakfast this morning. he ate about 1/3 jar of svaoury food and over a full jar of sweet followed by 150mls milk! You also have to remember that my little man does NOT do breakfast, never has done, so it was of great delight to me this morning when he ate 1/2 jar of prorridge and then drank 90mls of milk!
    posted by Cath @ 9:23 AM   0 comments
    Monday, June 06, 2005
    So today has been a great day!!!! Not only has Corey surpassed himself with his eating by taking double the amount of milk he normally does but he also, wait for it .................. STOOD FOR ABOUT 40 SECS AND THEN TOOK 2 STEPS ON HIS OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow was i proud. Hopefully he'll get more brave now and do more!!!
    posted by Cath @ 6:22 PM   3 comments
    What to do?
    Sunday, June 05, 2005
    Ok, so i'm trying to figure out what to do with myself next week. Hubby is taking Corey and his eldest son camping for three days and so i will be free for three whole days!
    Is that bad to use the word free? I mean, i spend every waking moment with Corey and see Dave everyday so i don't think it's unreasonable of me to be a little happy with the fact i will have some ME time! So i think i am going to do some relaxing, i'm also going out for the day to go shopping, maybe up to York and maybe even Scarborough, i can also scrap in piece without being disturbed, it will be sheer heaven. Don't get me wrong, i'm gonna miss em like crazy but i am looking forward to it too!

    So i am almost afraid to say it but Coreys eating has been really good this last week. On Wednesday i stopped giving him his Omeprazole, the reflux meds he has, as i didn't think it made a difference now. It hasn't, well not so far anyway. We've had no vomits and his eating hasn't deteriorated at all so i don't see the need to start it again. He has been eating stage 2 foods with lumps and no vomits and the amount he eats has increased too. The main thing is fluids right now as i can't get the full 1pt(600mls) into him. We see the dietician in a week so i will ask her what the minimum amount of milk i can get away with is. I am so proud of him right now!

    On another note my Dads girlfriends Dad died a couple of nights ago. Now until last night i didn't think it would affect me, after all why should it. I don't see Dads girlfriend alot and never knew her Dad. But then i sat and thought about it. Dad had always said when she was left alone he would move in with her and that means he will be selling the home i grew up in. I'm not sure i like that idea. The thought of never being able to go in the house where i grew up, where my Mum spent her last days, and where my brother died makes me really sad :(
    posted by Cath @ 6:58 PM   4 comments
    Friday, June 03, 2005
    I find myself being Mrs Blogger Neglectful yet again. If you are one of the few people who read then i am sorry :D

    So whats been happening this week. Well not a huge amount really. Looking after Corey is still a very Full time job and he's started to try and climb the stairs so we had to go out and buy a safety gate yesterday. These things are so expensive! But lookely for us we went to two different shops and found one £10 cheaper than the other place!
    I've been trying to do some scrapping but without much success. I managed to finish a layout i started at the crop and saturday and have done 1 CJ entry, just another 3 to go!
    We have decided, wll i have, that the scrap room i am in just isn't big enough for my growing stash pile. I am in the spare bedroom that doubles up as Simons bedroom when he comes to stay on a Friday night, so there is a bookcase full of DH's books and a single bed. We are going to get rid of the bed and buy a fold up campbed as we don't anticipate him wanting to stay for very much longer anyway(he's 16), so we can get rid of the pine bed in the room and we are going to sort out DH's books and move them onto a bookshelf we have at the bottom of our bedroom stairs. That should make more room then and i might be able to keep it tidy!

    I took some lovely photos of Corey yesterday, he's a very photogenic boy. Here's one of them -

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Heres the LO i finished too -

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    posted by Cath @ 10:01 AM   2 comments
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