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    Wednesday, May 31, 2006
    Where is it? I started a layout last night and have got the picture on there and the title and now i am stuck. Completely lost my scrapbooking mojo as i don't seem to scrap these days :( I desperately want to get back into it so send good vibes my way guys :)
    My camera is still poorly and at the menders, i am so lost without it!
    posted by Cath @ 9:27 AM   5 comments
    Stand up for tiny lives!
    Please please go sign the petition

    Stand up for Tiny lives
    posted by Cath @ 6:44 AM   1 comments
    Tuesday, May 30, 2006
    So last night we went to the flicks. We were going to go see The Da Vinci Code and i do want to see it still but as i have a bad cough i thought it might be a bit long with it being on for 2 1/2 hrs. So we went to see the 3rd X-Men movie and i actually enjoyed it. I love movies that have lots of special effects and this was no exception. Movies like this aren't typically my thing but i actually did enjoy it!
    posted by Cath @ 8:29 AM   3 comments
    When i buy something on Ebay i always ALWAYS pay within 24 hrs. So why the hell can't other people! 8 days later and i am still waiting for 2 people to pay me! I have emailed them to say basically pay up or i'm reporting you. Hope it does the trick!
    posted by Cath @ 8:28 AM   1 comments
    Monday, May 29, 2006
    Life is so very monotonous right now.
    Everyday seems to be the same old thing. I really need to get out of the same old routine and so hopefully we are going to do this.
    I don't drive and this makes it difficult to get out and about. If i could we'd be off out everyday. DH works for the railways though and so we all have free rail travel. I need to get out and use them more and so, as we are coming up to summer, the Coreymeister and I are going to go galavanting!
    On my list of places so far are the Trafford Centre in Manchester(lots of shopping!) and a couple of seaside resorts. Cleethorpes(although not the most attractive of places) is only just over an hour away on the train so that will be cool.
    So starting next week we are going to spend some days out just me and the boy(as DH will be working).

    This weekend hasn't been very exciting. I've still been ill so haven't really done very much. DH took Corey and Simon to the railway museum up at York and i ventured off into town to try and find some curtains for my craft room. Again i came back empty handed, i think i must be too choosy! Yesterday we went off to the seaside for the day and the weather was great albeit a bit windy. I'm just sad i couldn't take any pictures as i still haven't received my camera back :(
    posted by Cath @ 5:01 PM   3 comments
    Friday, May 26, 2006
    I hate being sick and thats all i seem to be these days. I think it's because i'm unfit and i don't eat properly. As soon as i'm well again i need to take proper care of myself. I currently have laryngitis and i think i'm getting a chest infection. :( :( :( I feel ok in myself though!
    posted by Cath @ 10:47 PM   6 comments
    Sizzlit Singles
    These are so cool!
    posted by Cath @ 10:43 PM   0 comments
    No Housework!
    Wednesday, May 24, 2006
    Corey has gone to nursery and my first impulse would be to start cleaning. Well today i don't think i'm going too. I'm going to chill out and relax, maybe catch up on my blogs and forums, maybe play on the Xbox, maybe watch some TV, maybe just do some scrapbooking, anything but housework! Don't you get sick of it all? I stayed up til midnight last night doing the ironing, it only gets creased again! I know so many people who don't bother ironing that it iritates me to think i spent 2 solids hours doing mine last night. Not only that but DH irritates me too. I hate cleaning the kitchen floor but because it is light wood it needs doing regularly. Yesterday i swept it and then cleaned it by hand as i always do. This morning not only has DH walked all over it in his shoes leaving footprints but there is cereal everywhere which he doesn't even bother to clean up.
    I guess i'm in whinge mode today lol!
    Anyway, nothing much happening otherwise. 'i'm dealing with a health issue at the moment(nothing serious) but need to get checked out so i have an appt at the doctors this Friday. Hopefully i can get it sorted. On the Corey front he is fine. Monday night he was a little sick and had us up for a couple of hours with a temperature but yesterday he was fine. I'm guessing it could be teeth related as he is dribbling alot again. At the moment he is going through a 'let's tear everything in sight' phase which is somewhat annoying. You cannot leave anything in view or it will resemble hamster bedding. Yesterday it was the turn of the manual for the new DVD recorder i bought so now i don't have a clue how to work it! Hey Ho!
    We've got the new car now and DH is liking it, just hope we can stop Corey messing it up like the last one. I guess we need to buy protectors for the seats etc..
    I think thats about it guys so take care!
    posted by Cath @ 8:54 AM   6 comments
    It's off to crop we go!
    Saturday, May 20, 2006
    Yay! First crop in 6 wks!
    What with Easter and everything it's been a little longer between crops so i am so excited to get amongst scrappers again. I haven't scrapped in ages apart from the odd CJ so i'm hoping i might be able to start something at least.
    Nothing else really happening in my boring little world right now. Corey is full of life and still eating well. Like some people have said, maybe he's going through a growth spurt, although saying this he has done this in the past and it has NEVER led to him eating as well as he is now. Haven't had the chance to weigh him yet but i'm praying he's putting it on.
    posted by Cath @ 8:01 AM   4 comments
    Chatterbox CHA sneek Peek
    Wednesday, May 17, 2006
    posted by Cath @ 2:24 PM   1 comments
    Design Team no more :(
    I had been desperate to be on a design team, something to plan for. I managed to get on one in the US but it hasn't worked out. Am sad now :( Oh well, will get off my butt and try again :D
    posted by Cath @ 10:11 AM   2 comments
    Who swapped my child?
    For the last 2 days Corey has eaten and eaten and well - eaten lol
    Corey doesn't really do food and never has done. He has oral dyspraxia and finds textures difficult as well as chewing and never really seems to have an appetite. Now this all might be down to the fact he was ill last week and is just making up for things(although he did eat last week). For example, on Monday upto 1pm he ate - breakfast which is 1 yoghurt with a full banana blended in and double cream, 1/2 slice of bread and butter, 2 teaspoons of my sisters yoghurt, 1/3 of an easter egg, 1/2 bowl soup, slice of garlic bread with cheese and 1 milkybar dessert! Yesterday i went to Meadowhall with my Dad and Corey ended up eating 1/2 our breakfast even though he'd had his before we left home!
    Keep it up little man keep it up!!
    posted by Cath @ 9:12 AM   4 comments
    Living dangerously
    Sunday, May 14, 2006

    Well not literally!
    The last few days have been somewhat busy. We've been trying to re-organise stuff and it's not really working lol! We decided to spend a bit of cash doing things we wanted and have gone a bit mad. We've bought loads of stuff for the house included a plasma TV and a new bed, we've booked a holiday to Ibiza for next yr and today we've gone out and bought a new car! Now we have always been the retiring tyoe when it comes to spending money but recent events have made us stop and think. I know too many people who have someone close who is ill or has passed on and i thought to myself life is too short to sit worrying about money. So we decided to splurge a little bit and it feels great. We pick up the new car a week on Monday and even though i don't drive i am really looking forward to getting it. I think i might have to have some driving lessons and get myself on the road, it's such a hassle having to use public transport everywhere!
    Anyway Corey is hopefully over the worst of his illness. He hasn't 'been' since Friday evening so we're hoping its finished now. I'm feeling a bit run down and weak after my cold and woke up yesterday with the biggest cold sore you have ever seen! Apart from that life is pretty normal right now! Thanks for reading!
    posted by Cath @ 6:11 PM   7 comments
    Hey Ho!
    Tuesday, May 09, 2006
    So yesterday was my birthday and things didn't go according to plan. Everything was great. Laura came down to babysit for me and came with gifts. A huge box of Thorntons continentals, a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a Willow tree ornament, i'm one lucky girl. We went out at 7pm and had a truly gorgeous meal, not enjoyed a meal like that for a long time. I had potato skins with cheese and sour cream to start as did hubby and then i had the steak and DH had the Rice stack. Couldn't manage a pudding, i was too stuffed. As i'm not a drinker we decided to go straight home after the meal and a good job too. On the way home Laura called to say that Corey had been sick, everywhere! So i told her to clean him up as best she could and i would sort his bedroom out when i got in. There was sick everywhere. Down the wall, in his bed and all over the floor. He was very tearful and DH took him into our bedroom for some cuddles. Anyway i managed to clear up(although there is still a smell there!) and he went to bed fairly easily. I woke about 5am this morning and realised that i was starting with a dreaded cold. Sore throat and my nose and sinuses were hurting, great, that's all i needed. Anyway, managed to sleep for a little longer until Corey woke at 640am. Well i was met with a scene from a horror movie when i walked in his room(do not read on if you are eating!) His bed and clothes were covered in poop! He had terrible diarrhoea and he was covered in it. The smell was immense and i was nearly sick taking his clothes off. So i had to put him in the bath and then clean up his room. Since then he has been sick once and had 5 dirty nappies :( Luckily he hasn't been sick since just after breakfast so this afternoon has had a small biscuit and then some dinner which he managed ok. He's had plenty to drink which is the main thing. He also has a split lip as he fell off the chair in the garden this afternoon with DH and hit his chin on the table in turn hurting his mouth, i have an accident prone kid!
    On a positive note we have had a new word today!! We haven't had one of those in months and it was so fabulous to hear. I was playing with him and pointing to his big belly(the only part of him that is actually big!) and I said to him ' You're just a big fat baby', to which he said 'Baby?' I was so happy! Let's hope he gives us a few more new ones and that we don't have to wait months for the next one!

    I thought i'd upload the two layouts i did last month for the A Trip Down Memory Lane design team. They have the May gallery open now so why not take a look, they're fabulous!
    I MUST do some scrapping now as well. My craft room decorating is finished and everything is reorganised, it seems so much bigger! I have no excuse not to scrap now!

    posted by Cath @ 6:11 PM   10 comments
    Happy Birthday to me!
    Monday, May 08, 2006
    Yep, 33 yrs young today!
    I got some lovely presents. Money off Dad and Sis and off DH & Corey i got QK Studio classic alphabet, a willow tree ornament, perfume, DVDs and a book about digital photography. Tonight we are going out for a meal and i'm so looking forward to that.
    I'm just disappointed i didn't get more cards *insert feeling sorry for herself smilie*
    Maybe people don't send them to you when you get to my age lol!
    posted by Cath @ 1:43 PM   14 comments
    The Neglectful Blogger
    Saturday, May 06, 2006
    Well, it's been a busy week. I don't really seem to have had much time to do anything, especially scrapping, which i'm really upset about. There's a design team i want to enter because it's a great place but i haven't had a chance yet. Hopefully i will in the next couple of weeks cause i have until the end of the month.
    Tuesday, Corey and I went to meet some of the lovely prem mums from Bliss at the local shopping centre for Coffee and a chat. It was nice to sit and chat and discuss our babies! It's the first time i've had chance to talk face to face with people about the whole premature thing i was really on a high when i left.
    Wednesday was nursery day and while Corey was off enjoying himself i carried on with painting my craft room. It was quite a dark purple colour and i'm now giving it a vibrant lilac colour to brighten it up a bit. With it being the place i do my crafting it needs to be brighter and at the moment it feels very claustrophobic and dark, so hopefully this will give it some life back. Corey again had done well with his lunch at dinnertime and they regularly write that he's had seconds at dinnertime on his sheet. To be honest i've been really pleased with his feeding over the last few weeks(touch wood, fingers crossed and all that!). The amount he is eating has increased, he is much more enthusiastic about food and we don't have to have the television on for him to eat. He's also been faster as well, chewing much better and even eating food between meals which he hasn't done for a long time. Hopefully this will continue and he'll gain more confidence and start to feed himself more.
    Thursday saw a visit from the speech therapist. Since we spoke on the phone about the possible Dyspraxia diagnosis i have been really nervous about seeing her. She really helped at this appointment. Things have been static for so long and it was difficult hearing her say to just keep doing the same things. At this appointment we really seemt to move forward. Firstly she did some exercises with Corey to see how his understanding was. She had some prop and asked Corey to put the baby on the bed, put the spoon in the cup etc.. which he did easily. 3 step commands were a little bit harder but i think we'd have persevered if she had continued. She was happy he had an understanding if things. She is almost certain he has verbal and Oral Dyspraxia but is not so sure about the global dyspraxia as it isn't really her field. As he is due to be seen at the Ryegate Centre in August about his development she is going to find his notes and have a word with them to see if they want him to have an assessment or if they want to just wait and see him in August. She has mentioned that she may be referring him for Occupational therapy as well as Physical Therapy. She was a little concerned with his feet and the position of his toes. They seem to splay outwards a little and he curls them under his feet. This could be one of the reasons he often seems unsteady and finds it difficult to get up steps and stairs. So we await more appointments now i guess! As if we don't have enough on. From mid May there will only be 1 day a wk that are we aren't doing something. Mondays Corey will be attending speech clinic, Wednesdays it's nursery, Thursday we will be attending a food group and Fridays visiting relatives. Thankfully the speech and food groups are just for 6 wks as there is travelling involved and i don't drive.
    Yesterday we didn't do much. We spent some time in the garden as the weather has been really lovely the past couple of days. It's turned today however and we're going to have heavy rain :(
    I had to wait in for a collection and a delivery and then we just chilled out, not doing very much at all really even though i have a a HUGE pile of ironing to be done.
    Today i'm off into town to look for a plasma TV. I've wanted one for a while and with the World Cup coming up it's an excuse to get one!
    Here's a few pictures i took the other day in the garden.

    posted by Cath @ 7:50 AM   4 comments
    Monday, May 01, 2006
    Yep, i have been tagged by no less than 3 people. You know who you are!!
    Here we go then -

    1. 5 things in my fridge:

    Jersey Cream Milk(for Corey)
    Slim Fast(for me but not used in a while!)
    Cheese(doesn't everyone!)
    Aero chocolate desserts(Coreys again)

    2. 5 things in my wardrobe

    I don't use a wardrobe, i use a hanging rail

    3. 5 things in my bag:

    Coreys Hospital appointment card
    Mobile phone
    Trillions of receipts

    4. 5 things in my car

    I don't drive(strange i know!)

    5. 5 programmes I would save on Tivo (if I had it!)

    I'm guessing this is like Sky+

    Vital Signs
    Greys Anatomy
    Deal or no Deal

    Not very interesting huh? Anyways i pass this on to Nancy, Steph, and Shelley
    posted by Cath @ 7:50 PM   5 comments
    May Quickutz, YUMMY
    posted by Cath @ 7:26 PM   0 comments
    KI Memories competition
    Not open to UK citizens but get entering my American craft buddies!!
    posted by Cath @ 6:55 PM   0 comments
    Upset and Angry!
    Something happened today that has really knocked me down. You know when everything is ok with the world, then something happens and makes you feel like poo!
    Well now i want to go to bed and not get up! Probably an over reaction but i am a drama queen!
    Anyway, i'm a member of lots of forums and i sometimes advertise my craft stuff on them if i am selling something. Well the owner of this particular forum(i'm not naming names but it isn't UKS or Scrappad) has really upset me, i feel so hurt.
    I advertised some stuff on there a few days ago and sold one of the items. Then the owner of the forum replied to my post saying
    'Blimey Cath are you a bad shopper - you always seem to be selling bits that are almost new or not even used - your husband must be tearing his hair out .....or do you hide it'
    Now from this post i got a gut feeling that she was taking offence to me advertising more stuff on her forum and so i sent her a message to make sure that everything was ok.
    Well the response i got was basically, no everything isn't ok, you're always selling stuff, i don't believe that it's just stuff you don't need anymore, and don't put it on our forum anymore. To say i was gobsmacked is an understatement. I'm a very genuine person and the stuff i had advertised is stuff i have either impulse bought or i have had lying around for a while and not used. I just feel so hurt that someone could be so awful!
    posted by Cath @ 5:33 PM   5 comments
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