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    Wednesday, January 31, 2007

    Well the Coreyman is much better now, although to be perfectly honest he hasn't really been ill.
    Other than the spots you would never have thought anything was wrong with him. I think by giving him the Piriton syrup straight away really helped with the itching. I am so proud of him though, he has been such a star through it all.
    Friday evening we all went out for Pizza and i really pigged out and had starters, mains and pudding which is unusual for me. Corey still wasn't eating much cause he had spots on his tongue but he is getting much better now. The main concern with him at the moment is constipation :( In fact he hasn't 'been' since last Friday so i hope it happens soon. He's getting really whingey now and having some tummy ache so i think i shall be postponing the Physio apt we have for tomorrow.
    The weekend was pretty laid back. Saturday Dave and Corey went cycling while i went to the crop. Had a great time as usual and it was lovely to chat to all the fab girlie's. Started a double layout which i must get finished this week but i just can't seem to get motivated :(
    Sunday i basically vegged out. Dave went cycling again as he's getting in training for his sponsored ride. I got some work done on the wedding invites I'm doing but am still waiting on some ribbon before i can't print them out.
    Monday Corey went back to nursery which was great as it gave me chance to get some things done. So i headed off in to town for birthday presents for my stepdaughter who is 19 on Friday. So difficult to buy for now as she didn't know what she wanted. Anyway she got the usual things, DVDs, perfume, books, jewellery. She came down and opened them this afternoon because she's away on her birthday and she seemed to like them but you can never tell with Laura as she's so unenthusiastic about things most of the time.
    Tuesday we headed off into town as i was meeting my sister and i took Corey for a McDonald's for dinner. He only ate the chips as usual and then demanded smarties which is the new sweetie of the moment. It's really hard work with him at the moment. We don't really use the pram anymore and he's not the fastest of toddlers because of his flat feet which makes him really clumsy. So traipsing around town with a 3 yr old and shopping bags isn't much fun and i was glad when got back on the bus and were heading home. One good thing was that he slept like a baby when we got home.
    Today I've been to see my new employer. I' going to be working a few hours on a Friday morning and I've decided that I'm going to use the money to learn to drive. Better late than never huh?!?!?!?!
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    Spotty Muldoon!
    Friday, January 26, 2007
    That's Corey's new nickname. He really is covered in spots from the chickenpox but we have been blessed that he hasn't had many on his face, they re mostly on his body and legs. He has been a complete star about the whole thing and has hardly whinged at all and hasn't been ill with them. Last night we didn't have to give him the Piriton at all and he only woke once for a drink. The worst thing at the moment is he has the spots on his tongue and his lip so he's not wanting to eat and drink very much, but then again he never does really!
    Please excuse the picture of him with the spots. He had just got up and i snapped him whilst i was dressing him. He's a bit bleary eyed and looking a bit windswept(as well as his usual skinny self!). As you can see from the other pic i just cut his hair so he's looking much better now :)
    Nothing else happening in my world really. Been a bit of a recluse this week due to the Coreyman.
    This morning my friend has been with her little girl, haven't seen her in ages. She's hoping that her daughter gets the chickenpox and gets them out of the way! Hopefully he should be fine to go back to nursery on Monday as most of the spots have scabbed over now.

    posted by Cath @ 2:20 PM   8 comments
    Wee Wee Wee
    Monday, January 22, 2007
    Yes the Coreyman finally went for a wee wee on the toilet on Saturday!!!!!!!!!
    Long LONG way to go yet but he's really getting the understanding now i think. He's been wearing pull ups and saying when he's doing a wee wee and a poop, just have to get him to tell us before he does it! The other news is that Corey has Chickenpox. We thought he would get it as there are so many at his nursery that have had it that it was inevitable really. He's in really high spirits at the moment and full of beans so they aren't obviously itchy at the minute. I've been looking every day ad last night saw a couple of red spots in his groin area. This morning he also has them on his neck, chest and back so pray that they don't get too back for the little guy!
    Nothing much else happening other than i am suffering from a bad cold at the moment so feeling a bit poorly and not sleeping well. Could do with Corey being at nursery so i can re cooperate so it's sods law isn't it! This morning we should have a hospital appt so i'll have to cancel that. Was also supposed to be going out tomorrow and will have to rearrange that too! Oh well, such is life.
    posted by Cath @ 7:49 AM   6 comments
    Saturday, January 20, 2007
    Dont seem to be able to keep up with this blogging lark at the minute! It's going to get even worse cause i have a couple of things in the pipeline. First being a little part time job, only a few hours on a Friday morning so nothing to get excited about but i'll enjoy getting out of the house. Also i'm trying to set up a Bliss support group in the Sheffield area so that will also keep me busy.
    SO what have i been upto this week? Well Wednesday Corey was at nursery and i went into town to the library before coming home and doing the usual mundane house stuff. Thursday i should have been going out to a Bliss meetup but i started with a migraine Weds night so had to give it a miss which i was really peeved about. So instead my sister came to visit armed with migraine tablets which thankfully worked and by early afternoon i felt somewhat human.
    The weather here has been unbelievable. We've had 80mph winds, people have been killed, roof blown off, trees uprooted and absolute traffic chaos. Dave was relatively lucky to only arrive home 40 mins late on Thursday, i know some people spent hours in traffic jams. Today is still really windy but someone nicer as the sun is out. Yesterday i went to Meadowhall with my good friend Dawn for coffee and a chat. We had a lot to catch up on as i haven't seen her in a while. We went and looked around the shops and she bought while i browsed as i'm completely skint at the moment unfortunately. Anyway it was still great fun! Then i headed straight from there to pick Corey up from nursery. We are currently on spot watch as they have a bad outbreak of chickenpox at the moment. Worst thing is that they have it about 2 wks until the spots appear so you just don't know. Anyway, will keep you posted. Last night my sister babysit and we got our night out. Just went for a nice meal at Chiquitos. We had to wait 20 mins for a table but it was certainly worth it, the food was totally fabulous and i must remember to email them later and commend them, not only on their food but also we waited no time at all for that food and they were so busy. I always think good as well as bad service deserves commenting on!
    Today i took Corey to the library for the first time. He was like a child in a sweetshop, he didn't know which book to look at first. Anyway we have brought 5 home for us to read. Still really windy here but i'm going to risk hanging some out. So if my knickers go missing i'll probably find them a few miles away!
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    Tuesday, January 16, 2007
    Well Lady Fate played a hand in our outing to the theatre yet again and we didn’t go. My sister(who was babysitting) sent me a text Friday afternoon to say they had had to take my nephew to hospital with very bad stomach pains. This is the same one who had appendicitis and a bowel blockage recently. At first I selfishly was really upset about missing my night out yet again but obviously this was short lived and my concern was for my nephew. Luckily it turned out to be no more than constipation but it was so bad he was in hospital for 2 nights. So Friday we all went out for a meal at Chiquitos which was lovely.
    Saturday we didn’t do very much. I managed to do a bit of scrapping while Dave went out with Corey and then in the afternoon he went off to the match.
    Sunday we all spend the day together, now a Sunday ritual, and headed off to the local museum. It reopened again in October after a refurb and is fabulous. Loads of local history on display and it really fascinated me so I just had to buy yet another book! Had lunch at home today to save a bit of money 
    Yesterday was Corey’s nursery day. The morning didn’t get off to a good start with Corey falling down the stairs. Not exactly sure how it happened as I had just gone into the living room, but by the shape of the lump on his head I’m guessing he hit the skirting board. And wow, it was a corker of a bump he had. Anyway after some tears he was absolutely fine and ate his breakfast fine so off we went to nursery. I mentioned to them to keep an eye on him but he was fine. I headed off into town and spent a small fortune. Bought a load of goodies in the 75% off sale, what bargains to be had! In fact I’m going to pop back in tomorrow and see if there’s anything left! I also bought a new Ipod, the green nano. I’ve had an Ipod mini for over 2 yrs now and the battery has been giving up the ghost for a while. Anyway, after a full nights charge it lasted all of 4 minutes so I needed a new one as I can’t be without one! Also bought some little Ipod socks for it lol, well we don’t want it to get scratched now do we.
    Today has been kitchen cleaning day. My new cleaning rota is going fantastically and I’m really on top of every room. I made the effort to clean the blinds and the windows today, something that I neglect and I’m so glad they’re done now. Must make the effort to do them more often! Also today the little guy and I have baked and he’s also completed his first scrapbook page bless him! I’ll upload it tomorrow.
    We’re having probs with Corey and bedtime at the moment. He goes to bed and then 10 mins later he’s screaming and it generally last about 45mins to an hour. This has happened for the last 3 nights. Let’s hope it’s a very short phase!
    I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures, the LO is a mosiac of my Christmas Cards from this yr and the other is me and the boy on Sunday :)
    Toodle pip for now!
    posted by Cath @ 10:43 PM   3 comments
    Have to share
    Thursday, January 11, 2007
    Sorry it's poor quality, it's from my mobile phone.

    posted by Cath @ 7:28 PM   5 comments

    Was supposed to be going to the theatre tonight to see a comedy play at the Crucible theatre. I got a phonecall this afternoon though saying that is was cancelled and did we want to book for tomorrow, so we have done. Good job my sis can babysit and we weren't doing anything. I'm so looking forward to it!

    ‘I like walking round Tesco with no pants on!’
    Bev Calladine lives in Sheffield, is married to Pete and still unashamedly, loves Duran Duran. But when her life falls apart, what will be her salvation? Stand up comedy, gorgeous young men or a space hopper called George.
    A modern tale of hope, self determination and revenge.
    Contains swearing and sexual references.
    posted by Cath @ 7:16 PM   2 comments
    Tuesday, January 09, 2007
    So yesterday i decided to rejoin the library. I haven't been in ages and so i had been wiped off the system and had to apply again. So, no problem, i had all the stuff with me to join. So she asked me why i hadn't been in a while. I mentioned that i'd got a 3 yr old and time had been precious and that now he was at nursery i was able to take the time to read again, that and the fact i am thinking of doing a distance learning course. She asked me if i wanted to join Corey which i hadn't thought about but was a great idea and she told me to go next door to the Childrens library as he would get free books. So after i had got my library card i toddled off next door to join Corey. I filled in the forms and waited. The gentleman then looked up and said that Corey was already a member. At first i thought maybe nursery had done it but on looking at the form only the parent or Carer can join them and it's not as if they are his carers. Anyway i asked if he was sure and he said yes he was joined last year by June ********. This is Daves sister, Coreys auntie. Now in normal circumstances his auntie joining him wouldn't be a problem but we don't have much to do with her, we aren't very close. Plus she lied on the form and obviously said she was his carer. Plus she never told us. Plus what else has she been doing behind our backs. It really did make me mad! Dave rang her last night but she was very blase about it and dave didn't want to push it as she is going through some depression and suffers from Bipolar disorder. Anyway i have carmed down a little but i really was upset and angry about it last night! So anyway, moving on, i managed to get some fabby history books there on Queen Victoria & Henry VIII. Yes i know, possibly boring but i am loving it right now!
    Today has been kitchen day and i have totally reorganised, cleaned and painted and it looks like a new pin as well as sounding all echoey from the amount of space in there now! I think tomorrow is my craft room day but to be honest i have been really good and it is already tidy. I guess i'll just be able to get away with a bit of light dusting!
    Here are a few layouts i have done this past week. The one of Dave i just finished today and the calendar page i did last week. A massive thankyou to Clare as it was her idea from the latest Creative Scrapbooking mag!
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    Sunday, January 07, 2007
    Today has been a really great day.
    One of my new years resolutions was to spend more quality time together and from now on Sundays will be family day and we'll all do something together.
    So today we got up and headed to York. I really love going there, theres always so much to see and Dave and Corey get to go to the Railway museum. While they went there i went and had a look around the shops although it was only window shopping as most of the shops weren't open yet. When they had finsihed we had a mooch around the shops and i bought myself a new book. I've recently been thinking about doing a distance learning course in History so bought myself a book on British History, i haven't bee able to put it down since i got home. Anyway, i've been looking at them and they seem way expensive so i may have to put it on hold for a while. So we went to Pizza Hut lunch and then headed back home on the train, which again is another big adventure for Corey, he's totally train obsessed!
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    Thursday, January 04, 2007

    Well i thought i better get writing or i'll never post again lol!
    I honestly can't remember what we've been up to this past week so this may be a bit of a vague post!
    Firstly a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers. Let's hope 2007 is healthy and happy for us all!
    Nothing exciting happened last week if i remember rightly. DH did lots of cycling with Corey on the back as he is getting into training for his big charity event. If anyone would like to sponsor him then you can do so here. All monies will go to the Neonatal/Special Care units at Jessops Hospital in Sheffield where Corey was born. I am so proud of him for going out and doing this. He is so determined. The only downside to it for him(and us) is being away from home for 4 days.
    Anyway on New Years Eve we didn't do anything. Apart from being strapped for cash we had Corey to look after and so spent a quiet evening in which is what we usually do anyway and we like it that way. At 12 o'clock as the fireworks started Corey woke up and ended up in bed with us for around 40 minutes until they had died down. It was really lovely actually as we don't allow him in bed with us usually as he'd get too used to it and so we snuggled down and watched some TV. Then we put him back to bed and he was very good and it wasn't long before he was asleep again.
    New Years day we decided to go out to Castleton for a mooch around. It was really quiet even though the shops and such were open. We didn't stay long, mainly because of the fact that it was so very cold! We didn't do much for the rest of the day.
    Tuesday Dave was back at work and Corey and I had to go to the local Children's centre for the inserts for his shoes. It's not near us so we have to get a couple of buses with me not driving so i was most annoyed when we got there to be told by the Orthotist that he didn't feel Corey needed them. He said alot of children are flat footed and it usually corrects itself by the age of 5. As his ankles are fairly straight he would prefer to leave it and just to make sure that Corey wears a strong boot to support his ankle. I have a few problems with this which i am kicking myself for not bringing them up there and then but i was a bit gobsmacked at the time. Firstly what if the problem doesn't correct itself and we spend the next 2 yrs doing the usual falling over and not going up and down stairs properly when it could have been helped? Also you can get strong boots on the NHS(piedro boots) so why, if he needs boots, were these not offered to us. And lastly, if the Physio felt he needed them and he would benefit from them would someone from the same department disagree, shouldn't they be working together? Apparently he had not paperwork for Corey from the Physio, just his name so he knew none of the findings from her. Just makes be angry that there is so little lack of communication. Anyways, i am waiting to hear from the Physio as i would like to air my views!
    Yesterday was nursery day and a bit of a milestone as Corey started in the Parrot class which is for the 3-5 yr children. He had been so excited and kept saying he was going upstairs(which is where the parrot room is). When i picked him up they said he had had a great time. He had been drinking from his big boys open cup and had even been sitting on the toilet even though he didn't go(toilet training is very slow!). He had eaten well at lunchtime and done a lovely picture for me complete with lots of glue! From this week he starts to go more often and so we are back at nursery tomorrow which he is thrilled about! I am off to town tomorrow to run some errands and i may just pop into the coffee shop to chill out with a Latte, ahhh bliss!
    Happy 2007!
    posted by Cath @ 2:34 PM   7 comments
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