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    Poorly Sick
    Saturday, September 30, 2006
    Well if it wasn't enough for me to get ill Corey has had to follow suit!
    I started with a really awful cold on Thursday and by yesterday i felt like death and didn't want to do anything other than curl up on the sofa and hibernate, a little difficult with a two year old to look after. But things slowly went downhill with Corey vomiting throughout the day and akso getting diarrheao. Today has seen much of the same. I myself felt slightly better, well enough to go off to the crop and get 1/2 a LO done. Corey seemt to be ok in himself this morning but when he woke from his nap it was a different story. He was very wingey and when i tried to give him some toast he was sick everywhere. I managed to get him to eat a Fromage Frais and he had a good drink but he's only been in bed an hour when the lot came back and we had a dirty nappy again.
    Let's just hope he's feeling better tomorrow. My main worry is dehydration.
    posted by Cath @ 11:49 PM   3 comments
    Wednesday, September 27, 2006
    Today i have been to the doctors for some blood tests. Gosh i hate that needle going in, i can still feel it now :( Anyway, now i have to wait 2 wks for the results to come back so will be nervously anticipating what they will show up.
    After my appointment i wandered into town to buy a birthday present for Dave's Dad. He in his 80's but insisted he wanted a dartboard so thats what i got. It's so nice to go shopping on my own(Corey was at nursery). I bought a magazine, found a lovely little coffee shop and sat down with said magazine, a Latte an a Pain Au Chocolat. Absolute bliss!
    Here's my picture for today. We went to Alton Towers at the weekend. Dave's company have a family day once a yr and this yr it was there. Dave and I don't do rides so itwas all for Corey really. He loved being about to run about and loved going on things like the Carousel and the tractors. The show last yr was the Tweenies but this year it was Bob the Builder. Suprisingly he didn't cry like last year. I guess his noise aversion is getting better :)
    posted by Cath @ 5:44 PM   6 comments
    Children say the funniest things
    Tuesday, September 26, 2006
    Wow it's been a week since i posted.
    I'm sure there are a hundred and one things i should post about but i can't think
    of anything to say really except a little story from last night.
    I took Corey up to bed and brushed his teeth. Off we went into his bedroom and he got into bed. So i sat on the bed to read him a story but he was shouting for Daddy who was downstairs. So daddy came upstairs and into the bedroom and which point Corey started waving his hands and me and told me in no uncertain terms to go away! I guess he wanted Daddy to read to him huh?!!
    posted by Cath @ 5:49 PM   4 comments
    Tuesday, September 19, 2006
    Yesterday was Corey's developmental assessment at the local Children's Centre. We got there early and were waiting ages. Then they called him to get weighed which he hates and as soon as he saw the little room he started to squeel, so she decided to leave it a while and have his appointment first.
    We were seem by a really nice male doctor who was very thorough. He aske all about Corey's history and observed him playing. He wanted to know if i had any concerns but they are mainly the speech and feeding really as well as his clumsiness. He agreed that the clumsiness could be down to the flexibility in his ankles. He's rectifying this by using his toes alot to balance which isn't right. The main consultant came in towards the end of the appt and looking at him she agreed that he should be referred to Physio to let them have a look at him. I'm pleased about this as at least any problems will be caught early. The doctor listened to his chest and checked his reflexes which were fine. He was impressed with the fact Corey would happily play on his own and also that he was able to take the favourite toys that Corey was playing with away and Corey showed no concern. He asked how he did it nursery whichis great but i explained he's more of an observer than a participater. Anyway the words the doctor used were 'very impressed' which was just awesome. He says he has no real concerns about his development and sees no need to see him any earlier than in 6 months. Dr Gentle(isn't that a nice name!) said that she was always on the end of the phone if i needed to know anything which is reassuring!
    So i came away a very happy Mummy and very proud of what my little man has achieved!
    posted by Cath @ 8:25 AM   10 comments
    Can someone please tell my son that waking up every half hour in the night isn't good for his mums health(or sanity!)
    There wasn't even anything particularly wrong with him, just one of those off nights after a long day. Lets hope tonight is better!
    posted by Cath @ 8:23 AM   1 comments
    Fabby Week!
    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    This week has been just great and i've been so busy so sorry for being blog neglectful.
    Thankyou to everyone who have sent me well wishes, it's more than appreciated!
    So Wednesday was Corey's nursery trip and Dh and i had a great day together. Spent some quality time on our own and headed of to the pictures to see Beerfest. We really enjoyed it but it was one of those really silly films where you have to have a daft sense of humour to appreciate. Then we went for some lunch and headed home and just chilled together reading magazines and stuff before picking Corey up. He appeared to have enjoyed himself but because he cannot talk properly yet he couldn't tell us what he'd been doing which is a shame. The staff said he'd had a good day anyway.
    Thursday is visitors day and my Dad and Sister came. Then in the afternoon we headed off to Blackpool to see the illuminations. They were great and we all had a fabby day(especially tea in Harry Ramsdens!)
    Friday was a relaxing day although i spent it doing housework. We had to wait in for someone to come repair our cooker. £90 for him being here all of 3 minutes but at least i can cook again. I made some yummy Oat & Raisin muffins while Dave went out with Corey for an hour.
    Yesterday Dave took me to IKEA as i wanted some storage jars for the kitchen. I've now cleaned out every single drawer and cupboard this week, thrown out a huge about of rubbish that had been collecting and now everything is spick and span! Next job is my craft room which i am not looking forward too in the slightest!
    In good news i have now lost 4 pounds this week as i have started exercising. I bought myself a new pair of running shoes and have jogged 3 times this week already and this morning i've been exercising in the garden.
    Off for a shower now as im a bit sweaty lol!!
    posted by Cath @ 9:08 AM   4 comments
    Nice Day
    Tuesday, September 12, 2006
    Today has been lovely. Just laid back and relaxed and out for lunch with my darling hubby and totally gorgeous son. He actually managed really well at lunch time and kept saying 'More Pisa'(we were at Pizza Hut) and then he had 2 bowls of ice cream the little piggy. Tomorrow he goes on his first outing with nursery. Theyre going to Chatsworth House adventure playground and farm. He'll be gone all day so DH and I are off to the flicks and then out for lunch somewhere nice. It'll be really weird without the little guy there. We had to go and buy him some new wellies yesterday because they need some for this outing and he had outgrown his others and so he's been wearing them ever since lol!
    Today i went and saw the doctor. I have to have some tests now to get a diagnosis so i'll keep you informed.
    My picture today is of the gorgeous Apple Loaf i cooked this afternoon which was absolutely scrummy!
    posted by Cath @ 10:53 PM   10 comments
    I'm Back!!
    Monday, September 11, 2006
    Well we've had an absolutely brilliant time in Devon despite the fact that i was ill for the entire duration. However i didn't let this spoil things and we had a fabulous, if not tiring time. Here's what we got up to :)

    Got up at 3am as we wanted to set off early to get there early morning(it's about a 5hr drive). We set of about 340am and Corey decided he didn't want to go back to sleep! Stopped off in Exeter for some breakfast which was awful. The weather was terrible, torrential sheet rain but it seemed to hold off whilst we walked around Torquay. Dave managed to damage the car coming out of the car park so he is trying to fix it as we speak. So we just mooched around Torquay and had some lunch before going to the cottage we had rented for the week mid afternoon. Took a while to find it as i hadn't printed of directions we but got there in the end. We were really pleased with it. Really modern in a lovely gated complex and not far from the centre. We decided to stay in as we were knackered and had a lovely chinese. The evening was rounded off with Corey throwing up all over his bed so i spent ages cleaning it up!

    Corey was up at 6am so no chance for a lie in. We set off early and visited Babbacombe Model Village which was fabulous and Corey really enjoyed it, especially the train. Then it was off to Paignton Zoo for the afternoon. We picked up some sandwiches on the way as we thought the food in there would not be great and over priced. Saw some fab animals and took some great photos but i was disappointed there were no Giraffes because sadly they died in a fire earlier this yr. Off home exhausted and had yummy pizza for dinner.

    Up early at 6am again and Dave took Corey for a stroll down to the beach while i relaxed. We went off into Paignton today to catch the steam train into Kingswear. This is the trip DH and Corey had been looking forward too. Got off the train and then caught the ferry over the Dartmouth which is just gorgeous. Had a wander around Dartmouth and then got the ferry & train back to Paignton where we had lunch. Then we drove to Cockington which has to be one of the most picturesque places in England. Very small but so lovely.

    Had a wander down to the harbour this morning for breakfast which was really nice. This morning we went to Living Coasts which was good but only occupied us for an hour or so. Then we decided to ditch the car and catch the bus to Babbacombe and went to Oddicombe beach. DH told me as it was down a steep hill there was a little cliff railway to take you to the bottom and yes you guessed it, this was the only day it wasn't working so we had a steep hill to go down which was very tiring on the way back up! Anyway it was really lovely and the weather was great. Had yummy fish & chips for lunch and then caught the bus back into Torquay and browsed round the shops.

    First stop today was Bigbury on Sea and Burgh Island. The Island is cut off from the mainland when the tide is in and you can use a sea tractor to get there through the water but luckily for us the tide was out so we could walk across. The weather was quite back, windy and very misty but after about 10 mins the mist cleared and the sun came out. Wow, what a stunning place it was, very scenic indeed. We'd have stayed longer but i wasn't feeling my best this morning. Then we had a nice drive to Salcombe which again was stunning. We sat and ate lunch at a little pub overlooking the harbour and then i went off and bought my first pair of Crocs lol! After we'd wandered around Salcombe we drove back to Paignton to spend some time on Goodrington Sands.

    We headed off to Brixham early and the weather was beautiful. We had a lovely walk round the shops and harbour and then headed over to Dartmoth again as we wanted to go on a river cruise. It lasted about an hour and showed us the real beauty that is Dartmouth. Then we headed over the Blackpool sands where we spend some time on the beach and we had lunch there too. It was lovely and warm but windy. Corey had fun paddling in the little stream that ran down the edge of the beach but he wasn't too keen on the sea. Then we drove back to Dartmouth the cross over the river on the car ferry and then back to the house.

    This was the day we had a dilemma. I wanted to go back to the zoo and DH wanted to take Corey back on the steam train. So we decided we would both do what we wanted and spent a Couple of hours on our own which was refreshing actually after being together all week. Got loads more fabby pictures at the zoo. The afternoon was spend in torquay around the harbour and the shops.

    Homeward bound unfortunately. We set of really early cause we woke up at 145am so decided to set off then. We only stopped for little breaks on the way and headed straight back and were home just after 7am. It's been a really laid back weekend catching up on ironing and stuff but i would love to be back in Devon!

    Thanks for reading if you got this for!!
    posted by Cath @ 4:09 PM   7 comments
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