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    Cybercrop Weekend!
    Monday, February 28, 2005
    Sorry i've been missing in action for a few days but it's been the UKScrappers Cybercrop this weekend. 3 days of uninterrupted scrapbooking, it's been fabulous. I've completed aboout 9 layouts and a tag/border/title set. I'll post some of them on my Scrapbook site for you to have a peak. So that is literally all i have done from 5pm Friday to 10pm Sunday night. I gave DH about 2 months notice, told him all about it and he said he would fend for him and Corey and i was free to scrap to my hearts content. It's been fab, although very tiring, i've hardly eaten and not had much sleep but it's been great. For those of you who scrapbook you will totally understand and for those of you who don't you're probably thinking i'm bonkers, well you may be right ;)
    So the bruising on my toe is getting worse and so is the pain. I thought it may be getting better but it doesn't seem to be. My foot is going black as well now. Hope it gets better soon as we go walking on a Sunday now and i'd like to go this week.
    So today was Corey's RSV clinic appt. The nurse came out yesterday and weighed him as usual, this speeds things up at the appt as they have to order the vaccine and the amount is determined by the childs weight. At last we have put weight on. This must be because if the extra solids Corey has been eating. He is now 21lb 6oz. He was also measured today at clinic and is 75.5cms. He is on the 25th centile for weight, length and head circumference which is good. This equates to the 9th for his actual age. It was blood work time and the bare in mind the doctor who has tried on two occasions has failed so i wasn't holding out much hope. However it was Coreys regular Dr today and he managed to get a couple of mls. So we had major screaming and then puking all over the floor. He is fine in the room until they put the BP cuff on him and then the crying starts. So the doctor examined him and was really pleased, he commented on his Chronic Lung Disease and after listening to his chest said you would never know there had ever been anything wrong with him, clear as a bell. We discussed feeding and i told him i was against the G-tube, he said he agreed we should leave it alone for now but review in 6-7 months. We still aren't having it then but i didn't say anything. Overall he was very pleased with him. Then he had his 2 RSV shots and was literally screaming, he calmed down after about 5 mins but starting crying again when they rechecked his BP. DH picked us up from Action Lab and we went home. He didn't come to the appt with us because he has a really bad cold and doesn't want to spread it about.
    Also forgot to mention. I have an appt for my pre-conception counselling, 12th April. Hopefully i will find out if there are any major risks with me conceiving again. Positive vibes for this date please!
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    Crappy Day
    Thursday, February 24, 2005
    Today i would rather forget.

    It started off great. When i woke up i found it had snowed heavy overnight and everything was crisp and white. It was still snowing really heavy and was settling. As Corey has never been out in the snow i decided once we had had breakfast we would go out for a walk. Yes, while evryone else was cosy in there homes, we went out in the snow!

    The woods near our home

    Corey in the snow

    View from the woods

    So we got back and went upstairs to check my mail, Corey came with me. As we went back downstairs i lost my footing and we fell down about 5 stairs. I scraped my elbow as i went down and felt my toes go underneath me. I had managed to keep hold of Corey but when i looked down at him i could see blood. At first i thought it was me but on closer examination he appeared to have a big graze on his face. He was screaming, more from shock i think, and then proceded to make himself sick. I cleaned him up, all the while being in agony myself, and after a couple of mins he was fine. he must have caught his face on the zipper of my jacket as i fell down. Anyway my elbow was just a superficial friction burn but there was something really wrong with my big toe. I was in utter agony and couldn't move it at all. On looking at it (i had socks on) it had already doubled in size and had gone blue. I felt certain it was broken. I couldn't put it to the floor and was having trouble walking.
    Anyway i tried to call Dave at work but he was in a meeting and it took me nearly 2 hrs to get hold of him. Eventually he made it home and we went to the hospital. They xrayed me and said it wasn't broken just badly bruised and swollen and i have to rest it but still keep mobile. How do you do that then, especially with a baby to look after! Anyway now my toe has gone from blue to purple and now appears to be going black, can't wait to see what colour it'll be tomorrow lol.
    So things that have gone wrong today -

    1) My ribbon order still hasn't arrived
    2) Fallen down stairs
    3) Had to go to hospital
    4) The bottom of my salt pot fell off and the entire contents went everyone, and i might add i only filled it up this morning!!!
    posted by Cath @ 9:19 PM   2 comments
    Wednesday, February 23, 2005
    Well yesterday was a funny day. I waited in for my ribbons which i had ordered to be delivered and they weren't so i was disappointed. I was even more disappointed when they still hadn't come this morning!
    So i was feeling a bit down and DH asked me if i wanted to go to the flicks. We haven't been in a few weeks so thought it would be nice. I love eating Nachos and popcorn, it's an excuse to pig out! So we went to see Ocean's twelve. Didn't like it and neither did hubby so i wouldn't recommend it.
    Corey was having a trace last night and it's the first time i've left him when he's been having one but because he is now in air i felt confident leaving him. Laura, my stepdaughter who babysits, is very good with him. So we came back and everything had been pretty uneventful. Corey was saturating away very nicely and i fed him and then got this incredible urge to clean my scrap room. I was up til 1.30am doing it but it looks so tidy now it's untrue. Shame it won't stay that way!
    So this morning the nurse came to collect the equipment at 08.30am. She came early because the weather is quite bad and she didn't want to risk it getting worse. It's been snowing pretty heavily and although it's gone now it was about an inch thick this morning as you can see -

    So we didn't go out but stayed all snuggly and warm in the house. The postie came and brought me another film, Anchorman, which i saw at the cinema and loved. Then this afternoon i had my shopping delivered, lazy i know but i won't take Corey to the superstore in fear of colds etc.. Then hubby came home early and took Corey out for an hour and when he came back he dropped me off at the shopping centre as i wanted to get some storage items for my craft room. We came back, had tea and then the nurse rang. Great news, looks like no more traces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He averaged 97.5% in his trace last night which you and me would probably do and so she said it was inevitable that his consultant wouldn't want anymore done. She still wants to do a spot check in about a month but that's it! I am so pleased.
    Oh and i almost forgot, whilst i was putting Corey to bed last night he noticed the probe that was attached to his foot for his trace. It glows bright red and when he spotted it he sat up in his cot all by himself for the first time. He;s been able to sit by himself for ages but it's the first time he's actually gone from lying to sitting by himself! My big man, i love ya!!!!!!!
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    Monday, February 21, 2005
    We are quite into walking at the moment. Not only is it a good form of exercise for an unfit me but it's nice to spend that time together as a family where we have no interruptions and can just talk.
    We went to Stannage Edge on Sunday which is near a place called Redmires reservoir. Although the sun was out it was absolutely freezing. Corey was on form as usual and just as i was getting him ready by putting his coat, hat, gloves etc.. on he decided to throw up, all over my jeans, so for the first 1/2 hr i was walking round in wet jeans, luckily they did dry quickly. We set off walking and at first it was lovely, the sun was out and we had lovely views but as we got to the top of the hill and the trees disappeared the winds started. We were on open moorland and it was so cold i got earache. Luckily the papoose we have for Corey has a sort of wind break on it and you can encase them in a bubble in case it rains so we put that on so Corey didn't feel the cold.
    Got back and had dinner. I'll be so glad when the winters over and we can take Corey into pubs, then when we go on our walks on Sundays we will go have a Pub lunch.

    We didn't do anything exciting in the evening except watch a dvd. We watched Never been kissed which Dave bought me for Valentines day. I really enjoyed it.

    This is redmires reservoir, bit dark though even though the sun was shining!

    Up on the moors looking back on the reservoir

    Corey in his little bubble!

    Stannage Edge

    Stannage edge overlooking Hope Valley
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    Baby Facts
    Did you know -

    700,000 babies are born in the UK each year

    7% of all babies are born prematurely in the UK

    100 babies are born in too small or too soon in the UK each day

    1 in 10 babies (10% or 70,000) need some kind of special care after birth

    1 in 40 babies (2.5% or 17,500) will need some level of intensive care after birth

    The UK has the highest rate of premature birth in Europe, nearly 40,000 babies each year

    There are three levels of neonatal care - Special Care, High Dependency Care and Intensive care

    20 years ago, only 20% of babies weighing less than 1000 gms survived, now about 80% survive

    Over 2500 babies are born extremely premature every year in the UK at less than 28 weeks gestation

    More than 10,000 babies are born in the UK each year that are low birth weight at less than 2,500 gms

    Nearly 2000 babies are born in the UK each year that are extremely low birth weight at less than 1,000 gms

    Depending on their condition, babies can spend as little as a day or longer than 6 months in the neonatal unit

    Babies born as early as 23 weeks, weighing less than half a bag of sugar, can grow up to be happy & healthy!

    Babies born at 23 weeks have a 17 per cent chance of survival

    Babies born at 24 weeks have a 39 per cent chance of survival

    Babies born at 25 weeks have a 50 per cent chance of survival

    The cost of providing intensive care for a newborn baby is up to £1,000 per day

    98% of all baby deaths in the world, occur in less developed countries

    The mortality rate for babies born in sub-Saharan Africa is over 12 times that of the UK
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    Saturday, February 19, 2005
    Well i recently joined an Online DVD rental company called Screen Select. I can't fault them really. I joined up Thursday lunchtime and friday morning my first two disks landed on the doormat. I got Elf and 50 First Dates, neither of which i had seen. I watched Elf yesterday and although it started off a little slow i thought it was very funny, i am a big Will Ferrell fan. This morning i watched 50 First Dates and have cried all the way through it. I thought it was a very funny & very moving film, definately one of my favourites.
    posted by Cath @ 12:38 PM   1 comments
    Thoughts for a friend
    A friend of mine i know through the Prem Baby Forum had her baby on Wednesday morning at just 27wks. She already has a little girl who was premature and we were all hoping that she would go longer this time but she is here and weighed 1lb 6oz. Apparently she is doing well and i sincerely hope that she has a very short and non eventful trip through the NICU! My thoughts are with her and the family at this nerve racking time.
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    Friday, February 18, 2005
    Check out these links if you want a chuckle!

    Hey Ma!

    Baby Queen

    Mamma Mia

    Baby Christina
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    Well i have felt so ill today it's untrue. I wasn't too bad this morning but this afternoon has been particularly bad. It's my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I have had it for many yrs but never as bad as this. I normally get a bout of it every few months and then for only a day but i have felt this for the past few weeks and now i am worried that it could be something more serious like Colitis or Crohns disease. I have constant stomach ache and today must have been to the loo about 15 times(sorry for giving TMI). So next wk i will make an appointment at the doctors to get it checked out. I don't feel to bad right now but that's probably something to do with taking 3 imodium and 2 strong painkillers. I've hardly eaten anything today so it's not food that's upset me.
    I also have a coldsore on my lower lip the size of a small family car. I tend to get them when i feel run down, which i do at the moment, and it's been spreading and spreading since i got it on Thurs. It's the biggest one i've ever had and i truly hate them!!!!
    I have nearly finished the tiling in my kitchen now, just have a little bit of grouting to do which i will finish off tomorrow. I'm really quite pleased with it, it's really finished it off. Next thing i have to do is finish off some painting upstairs and then i need to start on the garden. It's really been neglected of the last 18 months with having Corey but now i have no excuse. We have had a fence put up at the side of the house for privacy and are having the area directly outside the back door decked and we are going to get a chimenea and BBQ for this area so should be lovely for the summer. We are going to chop down the apple tree we have as it's a bit naf and i am going to grow some vegetables and herbs.

    Have been watching a variety of programs on the tv recently. Joey i thought was OK, not my favourite program but hey, it could never live upto Friends could it!? The new series of Nip/Tuck has started and is as racey and raunchy as ever! We have a series i've just got into called Bratcamp which is about a bunch or rude, lazy and spoilt teenegares who are sent to a ranch called 'Turabout Ranch' to change there ways. It's pretty amazing how much the children have changed, well some of them anyway.

    I have to tell you about what Corey has been doing when we put him to bed. It started about 3 nights ago. He goes to bed at 7pm and we always have the baby monitor on but go in to check on him anyway after about 15 mins. When i went in to check on him the other night he has completely turned around in his cot so his head was at the bottom, he must have had a rush to the head because his cot is propped up slightly for his reflux. Anyway he has done it everynight since, sometimes a few times. he has a sleeping bag but we don't put him in it straight away because we have the heating on still so it's warm. he's such a funny guy!

    Keeping on the subject of kids does anyone else's babes have a problem with the vacuum cleaner? Corey's has always had a problem with loud noises and if i turn it on while he is in the vicinity he really screams his head off, he just hates it. I normally put him in another room with the door well shut but yesterday i sat him at the far end of the kitchen and i started hoovering at the very far end of the living room. Well he started screaming straight away so i picked him up and carried him while i hoovered but it didn't work. Any suggestions??
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    Busy doing nothing much!
    Tuesday, February 15, 2005
    Do you ever feel that you are so busy you can't think straight but when you look back you haven't really done anything at all???!!!!!
    I think it must be looking after Corey that does it. At the moment he is so demanding and takes up most of my day. I try to do little things inbetween caring for him but he is a bit of a moaner at the moment and i think his teeth are hurting him(he has about 4 coming through). My computer is in my craft room upstairs so when i am up here i bring him with him and he plays on the floor but he gets very easily bored. I do let him watch TV but i do try to limit it because he is such a Tvaholic. Last night DH came home from work and normally has a big beaming smile for dad. Well Dave stood in front of him to say hello and Corey just moved his head to the side because he was blocking his view to the TV, lmao!
    So yesterday was valentines day. Did you get anything nice? I got a lovely card, a DVD and some heart related scrapbook things.I bought Dave the Friday Night Lights dvd which he loved.

    I made a romantic meal for 2 for when he got home from work, candles and everything. We couldn't have any alcohol because Dave was on call for work but it was lovely anyway. We had Potato skins with a sourcream and red onion dip for starters, then i made Dave a mushroom Risotto(he's a vegetarian) and i had a sirloin steak, and we finished off with Ben & Jerrys ice cream, yum yum. We would have gone out but Laura, Dave's daughter who normally babysits for us is away on holiday. She has gone away with a company called Tallships who are a charity that send youths away to work on ships and gain experience. They have a website here. She's back on Thursday.
    So we didn't do much this weekend. Dave went out with Corey and Simon on Saturday and i did some scrapping. Sunday we were going to go out but the weather was terrible so we didn't bother. Just stayed in and i cooked Sunday lunch as per. I wish Dave knew how to cook, it would be lovely just to get one day off!

    We have also booked our holiday at last! We aren't going overseas because of Corey still being young, maybe in a year or two. We are going to a place called, now don't laugh, Sandy balls. It's in the New Forest in the south of the UK so we can visit Stonehenge as well as the coast at Bournemouth/Southampton. I'm so looking forward to it but it's not til the end of the year which seems sooooooooooooo far away!
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    Sunday, February 13, 2005

    Your Heart is Red

    What Color is Your Heart?
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    cute but psycho
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    Thursday, February 10, 2005
    Well the nurse came round yesterday morning to check Coreys sats. Even though i know he's going to be fine i always worry when she attachs the probe and turns the machine on. Anyway he saturated nicely, even at 100% at one point so i was happy and so was she. Even though she said to me we will probably wait a month to do a trace when i spoke to her on the phone, she inevitably changed it again to in a fortnight. I am hoping and praying that this will be the last one cause i am sick of having them as i always have a sleepless night. She said if it's ok we will be able to get rid of the O2 from the house so that will be cool.
    It was Coreys eye test in the afternoon. As usual we couldn't find a parking spot as the hospital has a car park the size of a postage stamp so dave had to drop me off and then go play hide and seek searching for the elusive free spot.
    So we went in and waited around 10 mins and then were called in for a quick test. Corey had to look at some standard pictures and some 3D pictures all of which he did really well. The lady looked at him very intently to see if he was looking at the pictures as they were all on different parts of the cards and were of varying visability. Anyway he spotted them all, even the ones i had trouble with. The 3D one took me ages to see but Corey pointed to both the elephant and the car without hesitation. She was very pleased and off we went for the second part of the examination. This meant having drops in the eyes to open up the pupils so the doctor could see to the back of the eye. We were called by the nurse to put the drops in. He had read Coreys notes and asked about any cardiac problems. I said he didn't have any as such but they class the PDA operation he had a 8 wks old as heart related and as the drops have possible side effects with cardica problems he had to go check with the doctor. On returning he said they would have to omit part of the drops. unfortunetely the part they were going to omit was the part that numbs the eye as the other part stings so he said it would be 'uncomfortable'. So we had the drops and the screaming ab jabs for a couple of seconds but nothing too bad. We then went outside for half an hour while they took effect but had to be careful as it was sunny and his eyes would now be more sensitive to the sunlight. We were called more or less straight away when we got back and the doctor had a fun time trying to get corey to look at him. After much animation he said that Corey was going to be short sighted and would require glasses in the near future but not at this time. He said babies are generally long sighted until they get older and then the eyes 'neutralise'. Well Corey's eyes have neutralised already. So we have to go back in 6 months time.
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    Tuesday, February 08, 2005
    Sometimes i just look at my son and cry. Do you ever do it with your child? I am filled with such love and pride that i cannot stop myself from getting emotional. When i talk to strangers about him i feel my eyes welling up and i feel so foolish but i don't care. I have so much love for this little man it is unbelievable. Sometimes i feel that if i had another child there is no way i could love them as much as him even though i'm sure i would.
    I often used to think when i was pregnant, 'Want if he is born and i don't love him?', well when Corey was born i didn't, well not totally if i am honest because there was no bond between us. It took a few months for me to really fall in love with him, after all he was born in November and i didn't even hold him until January. I didn't believe that this tiny human being in the clear plastic box was mine, i was so detached. But as the weeks went by i would ache with every inch of my body to hold this little man and to nurture him the way a mother should. Now my love could not get any stronger.

    Last night we went to see Meet the Fockers. It was very funny and i did laugh out loud many times, i love films that make you laugh out loud. And i just love ben Stiller!
    I am so looking forward to this weekend. Not only does the new season of Nip/Tuck start over here in the UK but we get the premiere of the Friends spinoff 'Joey'. Oh i am so excited, have been waiting for months for these!
    I think my kidney infection has gone at last although i am still left with some residual back ache.
    posted by Cath @ 1:27 PM   2 comments
    Ok so we have had a few 1sts around here over the last week and i'm going to make this a regular feature.

    This weeks firsts are all Coreys -

    First brush and comb - Why you ask? Well until recently Mr Corey didn't have much hair so we didn't really have the necessity for it but know as it is getting longer we thought we better buy him a set.

    Swings - Am i a bad mother? Corey has never been on the swings until now. It just never entered my head to take him on them. We have been very careful about subjecting him to germs because of his chronic lung disease and in our local park there always seems to be millions of kids in the playground. Anyway, we went to Matlock on Sunday and there was no-one in the little playground so Corey had his first go on the swings. He was mightily unimpressed lol. Didn't even manage a smile.

    Tummy time - Lastly is Corey's attempts to move whilst on his tummy. He is trying to move the middle part of his body now and not just the top half and his legs. He's also started to push his way backwards. Lots more rolling and falling forward from sitting (even though he does bang his head most of the time). I'm hoping that his activeness is a sign he wants to get on the move. GO COREY

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    Coreys Favourites
    Sunday, February 06, 2005
    i have been humming the song to 64 Zoo lane all day LOL. Kids programs do that to you like no other i find. The other day i couldn't stop singing the Tigger song. You know:

    The most wonderful thing about Tiggers,
    is Tiggers are wonderful things.
    Their tops are made out of rubber,
    their bottoms are made out of springs.
    They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy,
    Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!
    But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is,
    I'm the only one.
    Oh, III'm the only one!

    Oh, the wonderful thing about Tiggers is,
    Tiggers are wonderful chaps.
    They're loaded with vim and vigor.
    They love to leap in your lap.
    They're jumpy, bumpy, clumpy, thumpy,
    Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!
    But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is ...
    III'm the only one!

    Here are Corey's favourite programs:

    64 Zoo Lane
    Bear in the Big Blue House
    JoJo's Circus
    Play with me Sesame
    Book of Pooh
    Rolie Polie Olie

    Edited to add Book of Pooh and Roloie Polie Olie. How could i forget them!!

    posted by Cath @ 6:38 PM   2 comments
    Well i am happy! Over the last few months i have been abit down. Me and DH weren't getting on brilliantly abd Corey was still on oxygen and his feeding had been terrible.
    Well firstly me and DH seem to be getting on better. We talk alot more and now i know he's committed to the baby subject i'm happy, although i myself have started to have doubts about it, but that's a whole other subject.
    Anyway, also Corey has started to feed better. The solids were going well up until about 2 wks ago and now i think he's cutting some teeth so he isn't all that interested, however he has started to take alot more milk orally. We are currently upto 60mls at each feed which for him is amazing. I could probably increase this but i am taking things very slowly and don't want to push him. We'll see how it goes, keep your fingers crossed for us! Gosh, we've got rid of the oxygen cannulas how good would it be to be rid of that NG tube!!
    DH and i watched The Day After Tomorrow last night. Haven't seen it before although he went to the pictures to see it when it was released. I quite enjoyed it and thought the special effects were amazing. I think we may go to the cinema tomorrow, possibly to see Meet the Fockers
    Scrapboking is going well and i'm maybe thinking is there some way i can make a career out of this?? Who knows. My sister says people would pay good money to have pages done for them and framed and lord knows extra cash would not go a miss right now but i'm not sure i have the time or the marketing ability to make it a success.
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    Good Day Bad Day
    Wednesday, February 02, 2005
    Well yesterday was a pretty mixed day. I've been suffering really bad with pains in my back and so headed of to the doctor in the afternoon. I gave a urine sample and he said it contained both protein and white blood cells which can indicate an infection. He has sent it off to the labs for analysis but in the meantime i have been given a 3 day course of antibiotics. I hope they start to work soon because the pain is quite bad, in fact i shouldn't really be here typing but be lying down ;)
    The nurse dropped the pulse oximeter off as Corey had a trace last night. Won't be the last one but it's a step closer to permanently being rid of the oxygen. Well it went really well and he averaged 95% overnight in air so we are still in the clear! She is coming to spot check him in a week, which is great because uptil now she has been coming everyday. if the check is good in a week she will probably leave it a month before another trace and then hopefully that will be it!
    Haven't done very much today apart from housework, ironing and looking after a grumpy baby! I thought i was going to have him to myself alday as Dave was supposed to be working really late but he managed to get home at teatime and he fed Corey, bathed him and put him to bed. It gives me a rest!
    Had a nice suprise this evening, an email from a magazine who want to publish one of my scrapbook layouts so i am very, very happy!
    Today is a special day too. It 'should' be Corey's birthday but as some of you know his birthday was on the 15th Nov. Well if he had been born when he was supposed to it would have been 2nd Feb 2004 so he would have been one today. Makes you think of what might have been! It was also my stepdaughter's birthday today. laura is now 17 and growing up incredibly fast. She came round for tea last night with Simon and we had Pizza Hut, yummy!
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