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    A few pictures
    Wednesday, March 28, 2007
    Here are a few pics from our London jaunt. I'm slightly disappointed, because alot were taken inside alot have turned out blurry. Oh well!
    Haven't been doing much these last few days other than running around and housework.
    Corey saw the dietitian on Monday and she is happy. He hasn't put huge amounts of weight on but he has shot up 7cms since November so is likely to be tall and lanky. That's obviously from my side of the family cause Dave is quite short for a bloke lol! Today the diet went out of the window as for the 2nd time this week i had a Latte and a Bacon & Sausage ciabatta in the Marks & Spencers cafe, yum!

    posted by Cath @ 7:23 PM   5 comments
    Sunday, March 25, 2007
    Yes that's what this week has been. I think i blinked and actually missed it, where on earth does the time go!!??
    Lots of new things and lots of broken things. A new top and a new bag have both got holes in them, both from M&S which i thought stood for quality but that's 3 items in the last week that have gone wrong after having a splurge there a couple of weeks ago so I'm not impressed. Also i have completely knackered my mobile phone which I've had for all of 5 minutes! It does work but the glass is all smashed on the front. Then there's the subject of the Internet. Well that's turned out very well actually. I ordered it with BT last Friday even though i was still with Orange in the hope that i wouldn't be without connection for a long period of time(which would kill me lol!) Anyway they said because i was on an LLU(basically Orange's own equipment) it can be more difficult. Anyway i received the equipment yesterday and last night connected it all and low and behold it worked! So i now have BT Broadband and hopefully i'll have no more problems. Thursday i went with Corey to Meadowhall and picked up my new engagement ring. I am still waiting for my eternity ring to arrive. I lost my old ones so have had to replace them. The new eternity ring is exactly the same but my engagement ring is different. I don't like it as much as my old one but it is nice.
    Friday & Saturday we've been away. We headed off to Bedford for the night and then on to London yesterday to spent the day in the museums. Dave and Corey went to the Science museum while i went to the Victoria & Albert museum. Then we headed across London, walking through Knightsbridge and then on to Leicester Square for lunch before heading to the British Museum. I was so in my element in there. The Egypt section was just amazing and i could have spent hours in there but we didn't have the time for me to do that so i will have to go back on my own i think. I have always had a fascination with Egyptology and being so close to all those mummies was amazing! I have tons of photos but haven't uploaded them yet so will do that tomorrow.
    Nite nite everyone!
    posted by Cath @ 5:51 PM   5 comments
    So i guess i better post, right?
    Monday, March 19, 2007
    I have been putting off posting for days now. Not really sure why only that i can't remember half of what i've been doing haha!
    Life is pretty mundane at the moment and i am stressing daily about this blood disorder i have. Saturday i discovered huge dark purple bruises on my leg. I have had these before and now i am assuming that they are a symptom of this condition(although clots are supposed to be the problem). Anyway, nothing i can do about it til i go for my next appointment next month so i am trying to occupy myself. I also received the appointment through for my ultrasound which is on the 30th so only have to wait until next friday. This is too determine if my spleen is enlarged or not so hopefully they will tell me there and then.
    Anyway, onto other things. Yesterday was a really nice relaxing day. I had 2 cards, one Corey made at nursery and one that dave had bought which had a little badge stating 'Mum in a Million', awwwww! I had previously received a Buddy bead and a silver bead for my bracelet! We headed off to Leeds early and checked out Borders books. Dave treated himself to a book and i bought one i'd had my eye on for a while as a treat. It's called Nella Last's War and was recently a drama by Victoria Wood called Housewife, 49. I've only read the first few pages but i can tell it's going to be an interesting read. I've also got lots out of the library to read to keep me occupied including a Martha Stewart book(my idol!) Haven't done any scrapping in a couple of weeks so will try and get some in this week. I'm contemplating joining the gym as i want to shed some weight but am worried if i sign up it will be a waste of money so i'm going to go have an induction and a few sessions as you can pay on the day and we'll see how we go from there.
    Thursday night we went out to see The Cherry Orchard at the Crucible theatre. It had Joanna Lumley and Tom Mannion in it as well as many other stars and, whilst the acting was very good it wasn't really our sort of thing although i'm sure Chekhov has many followers.
    I think thats about it for now.
    Thanks for reading!
    posted by Cath @ 5:18 PM   7 comments
    Tuesday, March 13, 2007
    Yesterday i went to the hospital to get the results from my blood tests. For those of you not in the know they had found recently that my blood platelet count was way too high. Anyway the bloods i had done last time showed that although my count hasn't lowered it hasn't gone any higher either and is still in the 700's. I had some bloods done yesterday too but the results won't be back til today so if theres a problem they will call me. Basically the results showed that my kidneys and liver are functioning normally. The blood disorder test came back negative but apparently it is only 50% accurate so that doesn't really mean anything. I still have to wait for an ultrasound so hopefully that will be done before i have to go back in two months. He said the next step is probably a bone marrow sample but he would discuss this with me next time. So pretty uneventful really.
    Currently Corey is ill and has been since Sunday night. He had a massive temperature that took ages to go and threw up a few times. Sunday night was awful and no one got any sleep at all. Yesterday he ate very little and was generally miserable, complaining of tummy ache and very lethargic. Anyway, although last night was still interrupted it was better and he seems a bit more chirpy this morning. So we'll see what happens.
    posted by Cath @ 8:11 AM   9 comments
    Funny Kids!
    Sunday, March 11, 2007

    Well the last couple of days have been good. I have stuck to the regime i intended too. That is eating better food, smaller portions and not so much junk food. I must admit my stomach does feel less bloated already! Next week i shall throw in some exercise for good measure and i'm making enquires about hiring a treadmill.
    Managed to squeeze a little scrapping in as well which is always good.
    Cory is developing a pretty cool sense of humour and we had a funny conversation with him on Thursday while the Speech Therapist was here. I was asking him about animals and the sounds they make. Here is the conversation -

    M=Mummy C=Corey

    M - What sound does a bird make?

    C - Tweet

    M - What sound does a Cow make?

    C - Moo

    M - What sound does a Sheep make?

    C - Baaaaa

    M - What sound does a Cat make?

    C - Meow

    M - What sound does a Doggy make?

    C - Oh Yes(a la the Churchill advert!)

    It was very cute and we both rolled about laughing, as did Dave when i told him!
    The little guy currently has Conjunctivitis. We spotted his gunky eyes yesterday and rang the chemist for advice who said to bring him in and then he could give something for free under the minor ailments scheme. How cool! So now we have drops and we didn't have to spend an hour at the doctors! The are less gunky but more red this morning.
    posted by Cath @ 7:44 AM   2 comments
    Friday, March 09, 2007
    I say so many times that i need to lose weight and do nothing about it. Well this time i really want too!
    Going to shame myself now and put my details!

    Weight - 171 pounds
    Height - 5ft 8
    BMI - 26

    I am aiming to lose 10 Pounds in the next month starting today.
    I am not going to start eating salads and all that initially. I know if i go for the big diet i won't do it and will get so hungry i start eating junk.
    So i am starting with smaller and healthier portions, less junk food and more exercise.
    Am off to buy some magazines later and look for some books.
    For all you that are dieting too - LETS DO IT GIRLS!!
    posted by Cath @ 9:06 AM   7 comments
    Teddy Bears!
    Thursday, March 08, 2007

    Corey has suddenly decided he likes teddy bears and regularly gets them out for cuddles now.
    Here he is this afternoon having a snuggle.
    Nothing else much happening in the world really. The internet problems are still ongoing and really peeing me off now but it doesn't seem it will be resolved anytime soon although i did have a small breakthrough today so i'll let you know how i get on.
    Been out for a lovely meal at Chiquitos this evening which was as lovely as ever and a nice break from having to cook.
    posted by Cath @ 7:24 PM   2 comments
    Tuesday, March 06, 2007

    Thought i would post a couple of my recent layouts seen as i've been a little bit productive recently(well, for me anyway lol!). The so close one shows Dave and Corey in Torquay and the Safe in Daddy's arms is one about the first day Corey came home from Hospital in 2004.
    Nothing much happening here at the moment. I've escalated the complaint with Orange about the internet and also have lodged a formal complaint with ISPA so we'll see what happens now. I also contacted our insurance company yesterday to make a claim. Have completely lost my engagement and eternity rings and after searching for months i have come to the conclusion they are well and truly lost :( So hopefully they will give me the right value for them and i'll be able to get them replaced. Dave is working a couple of night shifts so i may get more scrapping done later. YAY!
    posted by Cath @ 9:26 AM   6 comments
    Banks and Internet suppliers make me wanna scream!!!!!!!!!
    Sunday, March 04, 2007

    Yes, I have had bad encounters with both this week. One resolved and the other ongoing unfortunately.
    Thursday is meet up with Dad and Sis day. They usually come to me but sometimes we meet at the local shopping centre and go for breakfast which is what we did this week. So we had breakfast and a nice mooch around the shops. Then they headed off home and we stayed as I wanted to get Corey some lunch. So next stop was the hole in the wall as I needed cash and the nearest bank was Lloyds TSB. Insert card, Unable to read card, don’t give card back!!! Ok, now I Panic as it was the only card I had on me and no cash, which means we cannot get home! So queue in Lloyds TSB where she basically says sod off we can’t help cause it isn’t one of our cards. Start to Panic even more and head to the HSBC. A lovely lady immediately tells me to calm down they will sort me out with some cash so relief washes over me. I have a hungry child and I’m tired and want to go home. So 20 mins later after a few Phone calls I manage to get some money from them. I must remember to write and thank the woman in HSBC because she was wonderful!
    As for the Internet well, to say I am fuming is an understatement. The connection keeps dropping and has been like this for about 10 days now. I am with Orange and I have called and emailed in excess of 20 times now without any resolution whatsoever and it’s becoming a little ridiculous to say the least. I have now emailed them again and asked for it to go to the Manager, I have also emailed the Executive office so we’ll see if this does anything. If i don’t get any sense by Tuesday I will take it further as it’s just ridiculous!
    Oh and to things off (they say things come in 3’s right?) the incident I had a while back with a teeny amount of juice and my laptop has come back and bit me on the bum. My numbers, backspace and letter P will only work when Pressed with other keys and not on there own, sigh!

    posted by Cath @ 4:57 PM   3 comments
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